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Fashion Field Trip: DVF's The Journey of a Dress Exhibition

DVF's iconic wrap dress, celebrating it's 40 anniversary this year, was (along with the recently discussed Louis Vuitton Speedy) among my very first "grown up" fashion purchases. After all, what other style walks the line between professional and sexy so gracefully? At one point, I had easily a dozen in my closet, often in the wildest prints imaginable (don't underestimate me - I'm never above a leopard, guys). Simply put, they were my go-to's for everything from cocktail events to interviews, meetings to dates.

So, it was a walk down memory lane a week or two ago when I visited The Journey of a Dress exhibit at LACMA West in Los Angeles. The installation honors DVF's iconic design as well as her richly glamorous personal history, including a friendship with Andy Warhol. It's inspirational in every way imaginable, to the degree that if you don't leave the exhibit wanting to wear DVF or BE DVF, I'd classify you as absolutely nuts.

Learn more about the exhibit - recently extended and now running through May 1 - and 40 years of DVF at DVF.com and explore my snaps in the gallery below.

The Bag That Got Away (No Longer)

I have few fashion regrets overall- though of the few, two notably involve a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. My very first designer bag purchase (in the classic Monogram, of course), I made the mistake first in the early 2000's - 2001, to be exact - of missing out on the Stephen Sprouse-designed graffiti styles released as part of a limited edition collection.

In all fairness, in 2001, I was a young college student, cocktailing in New York - and accordingly, that would have been a pretty hefty expenditure. But I've never forgotten the bag, and have often lamented that it's the bag that got away.

Until yesterday, that is, when while vintage shopping on the Lower East Side with Sarah, we stumbled upon the beauty above at Pilgrim -a perfectly preserved and authentic (of course!) Speedy 30 from the "original" Stephen Sprouse collection (you may remember that Marc Jacobs again riffed on these in 2008 with neon editions, boasting smaller graffiti). While I had been in the market for a vintage Chanel yesterday (oops), I knew that I'd forever regret passing up on the opportunity to snag this bag - particularly given how rarely it surfaces at online auction and how trepidacious I am about authenticity when buying designer online.

If you're in the market for pristine vintage, particularly Chanel, visit Pilgrim NYC at 70 Orchard Street (and if you're in the market for the same vintage Speedy 30, I did surface this one online at Yoogi's Closet for $1,195)

Destination: Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs

I was given a gift this week, essentially, with a perfectly timed, work-mandated visit to the West Coast. With temperatures dropping and snow expected up and down the East Coast, my destination: Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs, often referred to as simply The Parker. My blood pressure seemingly dropped almost upon arrival, and I left for LA yesterday with a new appreciation for the desert - if only the wildly glamorous desert experience of The Parker.

Designed down to every detail by Jonathan Adler, half of one of the most stylish couples I know (Simon Doonan is his partner, and I hesitate to use the term "better half" - after all, how can a girl choose?), every element at The Parker is thoughtfully chosen. I landed in a spacious Junior Suite, replete with killer photography of style mavens like Diana Vreeland, a framed illustration by Ruben Toledo and reading material that included The Andy Warhol Diaries in vintage hardcover.

The lobby and the grounds at the Parker are the true masterpiece, though. Expect glorious florals, the seductive smell of fresh orange blossom, and comfort above all, with playful hidden nooks, and naughty design touches.

It would be hard to call a stay at the Parker well-rounded without breakfast at Norma's (a Midtown New York breakfast staple, renowned for creative comfort food), copious amounts of pool time, and a spa treatment at the indulgent Palm Springs Yacht Club (I gave in to a massage with Jared and as Edith Piaf once sang so eloquently, I have no regrets).

Explore the gallery below for my snaps of The Parker, or for more info and to book online, right this way >


Peep This: Charlotte Rampling for NARS Cosmetics

When we last saw actress Charlotte Rampling, she played the senior yet still sexy, fully enabling psychologist in Dexter's final season. But the iconic beauty (evidence from 1969 above) has a new and wildly more glamorous new role with NARS, leading into the brand's 20th anniversary this Fall.

According to brand executives who spoke to WWD, Rampling will appear in a “black-and-white portrait-style image” shot by founder, creative director and often photographer François Nars

Rampling was chosen not only for her clearly timeless beauty (she's 69) and strength, but also because Nars' considers her to be among his personal muses.  He said, “She is a natural beauty that feels strong, yet relatable. Charlotte’s ability of transformation is unparalleled. Whether captured in pieces of artwork, through the lens of a magazine photographer or on film and the big screen, she had an amazing power to encompass a character.”

Fragrance Finding, Simplified: Commodity Goods

I'm the type of girl who appreciates a fragrance wardrobe as opposed to a fragrance signature. After all, a fragrance must match many things - the weather, the time of day, my outfit, my mood and, of course, the intended audience - let's not pretend otherwise. Even so, with several fragrance favorites in the mix, from Kiehl's Musk rollerball to Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower, I've been feeling a bit stagnant - picking up samples here and there, only to fall in like as opposed to love.

That all changed thanks to fagrance start-up Commodity Goods - a Kickstarter success story - who looks to change the scent discovery experience, by inviting customers to test their (thoroughly modern and deceptively simple) collection of fragrances at home before they buy.

Commodity scents (10 per gender) are organized by category - Fresh, Warm or Floral, for women - with robust and highly visual descriptions of each found on the beautifully designed and easy to navigate site. Shoppers are encouraged to order a "Fitting Kit" first, complete with 10 samples good for about 2 wears each, which allows you to explore every scent. After dabbling, my favorites from the collection include Gold and Moss, with an honorable mention going to Dew, a complex, yet light fruity floral.

Get fitted at Commodity Goods for $9, redeemable towards your full-size order if made within 10 days.


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