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How To: Shop Your Man to Better Style in Three Easy Steps

I don't know about you gals, but I currently have my hands full with guy friends and yes, gentleman callers who believe that because I'm a fashion blogger, I'm also a personal shopper. Unfort, my time is LIMITED these days (I'm busy with those gentleman callers, you see), so in the spirit of both sharing AND "New Year, New Style" resolutions, I've drafted a handy dandy primer on how to shop your man to better style (before he knows what hit him.)

  1. Shower him with compliments. Men are like dogs, in that they have very clear PAVLOVIAN instincts (and perhaps in other ways too. But that's a discussion for another day). Get your gent in a a bold color or an unfamiliar silhouette and tell him how cute, handsome, sexy he looks. Trust me, he'll want to buy in multiples and wear in your presence.
  2. Know what he's comfortable with, and push him a little beyond that with styling. It's a fine line with guys. With rare exception (New York City metrosexuals, I'm looking at you), they don't want to risk looking feminine or god forbid, "GAY". So, take a classic - for example, the Polo Ralph Lauren Quilt Jacket seen above - and style it OUT.  I love the idea of layering a modern plaid shirt and classic hoodie underneath, and pairing with a skinny cargo, striped sock and distressed wingtip for a more forward take on things.
  3. When it comes to style, less is often more, and isn't that PERFECT for men, and their tiny brain capacities? Help your dude focus on QUALITY and FIT. Encourage him to buy the best quality basics you can afford, and help him find a stellar tailor to ensure that his new gear fits like a glove - not too loose, and not too tight.

What tips do you have to share on shopping with men? Tell all in the comments!

Disclosure: This post was produced in association with High & Mighty, an expert in mens clothing UK.


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