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Nick Arrojo Replaced by Ted Gibson on What Not to Wear?

Hair master Ted Gibson (stylist to Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie and Debra Messing, among other celebs) announced today on Twitter that today is his "1st day as the hair guru on" TLC's What Not to Wear, presumably replacing the stylist fans love to hate, Nick Arrojo.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Ted several times in both his salon and backstage at New York Fashion Week and I can attest to the fact that he's not only talented - he's also darling and delightful.  To learn more about Ted, his salons and product line, visit www.tedgibsonbeauty.com. OR to read an eye4style-exclusive Q&A with Ted (where he talks WNTW and more), visit this link!

Image via DailyMakeover.com.

Slaps and Hugs

There was an obvious communication block because Ted asked Ariel several times why she appeared upset (crying) and she kept telling him THE SAME THING! What didn't he hear the first time she told him she wanted to remain blonde and she was upset with the drastic color change? He appeared puzzled by her response each time like he could not wrap his brain around her answer. She even stated at some point in the program that she loved the color of her natural hair. How often do we actually hear that these days... that someone is actually satisfied with what she has been given by genetics? He could have given her some blonde highlights within her NATURAL color range perhaps and left it at that. Or darkened the underneath layers. She stated she liked the cut.

I found Ted's comment, that he thinks all women should color their hair, offensive! Because why? Does he know more about color than Nature does? Highlights are one thing, as is going up or down a shade or two... but an overall change to a different color family, especially to red, is quite another. Nature has her own way of changing color to soften the effects of aging. At least he only cut off what appeared to be damaged and I assume took into account her Ren role as a "kissing wench" and her need for a longer length. I give him credit for that.

And yes she makes a dynamite redhead with her coloring, but really, red is quite a commitment - btdt - and should not be forced on someone without telling them the basic plan first. Like... "hello?...I am going to make you a redhead now..." At least Nick did that. Ariel was very gracious about how she dealt with the change and tried to cover that she was more upset than she appeared. At the end of the show we see an update and Ariel had actually embraced her new color... I suspect that was based on the reactions of others when they recognized what a stunning redhead she had been transformed into and she must love the new attention she is getting.

I have her coloring and stature, tho now I am quite a bit older than Ariel, and also went through a red phase in m y 20's and early 30's... a henna phase... that was applied well and looked natural. I was often mistaken for a natural redhead (my Mother was a redhead). What I came to learn is that no one has benign reactions to red hair, they either love it or hate it... more often than not that is most of what they notice about one... at some point one gets stuck with the moniker "Red"... and I reverted to my natural blonde (which had darkened with age) when I finally accepted myself as is. I too used to have butt length hair that was well kept. I agree with the other posters that "sexiness' and "womanliness" is a sense of being, not about hair length.

We've all heard the saying: "change is good", maybe the show's ratings were falling, or maybe Nick and TLC no longer saw eye to eye. In any case I will miss his input to What Not To Wear, and wish him well in his new endeavors. The original foursome was a magical team, and I hope Ted can reinvent the team so they too have their own magic.

Like any employer, I'm sure TLC has a criteria they expect to be met by their employees. I would think Ted's regular clientele have more input into how they want their hair. TLC's m.o. seems to be about change in a more drastic way. Which I would hope folks who accept $5,000 see that coming. It is a legal contract after all. (Unlike the tall-long-haired-nanny episode who obviously had her own hidden agenda for being on the show... evidenced by the "I won!" comment she trumpeted) Shock value is all the rage in a media that caters to, if not actually helps to create, intensity junkies. I am glad too see that Stacey and Clinton now dial back the Snark on those that are not combative.

I've learned a great deal from this show and hopefully have avoided being nominated (yikes! lol!) by loved ones... instead taking a good look at how I have presented myself to the world and have made some outer changes based on nominees that reflect similar body/fashion issues. Thanks guys.

Maybe in a few years we'll be seeing What Not To Wear Senior Style... :o)



When you look back on the show, I am certain that Carmindy especially but nick is included as well, which was they , her mostly (again) was so mean and her persnickity bitchy I'm better than you attitude was what we saw. THAT was her real personality, only the producers let her know that if she didn't tone it down, talk to them nicely, compliment them, and hug them at the end, her job would be over. Because the person you see now is 180 degrees different from who she really is, but most people don't know or remember back then, and how some of us know how fake she really is, and I sort of hoped that when Nick got fired as I was certain he would, I'd only be repeating everyone else's bitching, it's all been said perfectly.
I'm biased, I really dislike reality tv shows, they'll film a show about anything with anyone who they overnight make a star, , so many who will be.. "who?" soon, to me they already are "who:" as I don't really watch TV and I never watch 2-13 only sticking to a couple of channels that are informative not anger, hatred backstabbing people shows.
When will it all stop? All they do is create , well, nothing good. and what's up with the Tattoo shows and Flip, Sell or burn it down your house shows?
Would be nice to see shows that used to make you laugh. There were a lot, and I'm not some grandma, just a mother and i don't like whats on that thing, and we don't like her watching TV really at all. Maybe once or twice during the week she can watch Nick or Toon, for an hour, maybe even two, but otherwise - her movies in her room on her tv.
Lost train of thought, but stop the putting down of one another. If people want to vent their opinions of a show, a SHOW, it's not real life, if we want to make fun of or wish they were off the show comments, we are allowed to do so without others calling people "morons", wow, talk about take a good long look in the mirror, i think you need to leave the bitching of others alone, What the hell do you care? Are you their protector? They don't know any of us even exist and who cares, they're nobody, no mare than anyone else. Its just their job, and if we feel they suck at their job then the show should know and he should be replaced. Jeez, you make idols of simple people who have NY type jobs in fashion. They are on a show, and bing bam that's it. They are no special and really not celebrities, although I do get the feeling that the girl Carmondy carmindy?, whatever, has bigger and better fish to fry, she seems very Martha Stewarty to me, both are .... just say I don't like them, especially Martha! UGH! but the MA is very driven but very very insincere ,i sense no warmth from her, just a lot of self love that is out of control.



I was really disapointed in Ted. I don't know I was expecting, magic, charm, and someone who would listen to their MO. I mean Nick did wha he wanted as well, and 8 out of 10 times I think he struck serioulsy out, As Stacy on those Pantene commercials says, Hair is like the icing on the cake, its the most important thing for a look! Hello? Ted?
It's stuff like this that's going to get the show cancelled. They start messing with the mix and I don't like Carmndy at all, I think she is exrtemely overly made up She wears so much that without it, you would never know it was her, but it isn't that, I just think that she seems... Insincere as the post said before me. Not trying to slam the girl, just pointing out to me, the obvious.
But still, the show works, and people seem to love it, now theyve changed nick, what else should we be expecting? Don't fix, what isn't broke. They could have simply talked to Nick, not just let him go! He and Carm had chemistry, which I'm positive she'll have with ted, but either way I think they should have left it alone.


Anonymous 3

Here's the deal with Nick. I've watched the show for a while now. I've been to his studio in NYC a couple times. He's trying to build an empire the likes of Vidal Sasoon. This requires building a brand. Branding requires consistency. My feeling is that he is trying to brand a certain haircut style, so it is immediately identifiable as a "Nick Arrojo" cut. If you like his style, you let him cut your hair.

For a show like "What Not To Wear" it's about giving the client what's best for her. It's not about getting a standard "Nick Arrojo" cut. The two parting ways was the correct move for both of them.



If the ratings were falling they are probably going to plummet unless this guy Ted does some decent hair makeovers. otherwise this show may lose big time in the ratings which would be an indication that the series will get cancelled by next year, if not sooner.

I think Nick helped sell that show, not Stacey and Clinton Kelly alone. he had a real personality.

in regards to the tall boring long haired Nanny that was probably one of the worst episodes ever! she wouldn't even let Nick trim her hair and she had ZERO personality!

also, Ted should've cut a few inches off of Arials mane instead of coloring her hair and eyebrows. did he even cut at all?
she would've been much more content with a shorter different style with some touchups on her hair.

when you get a makeover, you should expect to have some locks chopped off. if not, don't bother going on the show. afterall it's only hair which is an accessory anyway.



Just watched a rerun with Nick. it was one with Tara and she informed Nick she had the same long hair her entire life and was freaking when he suggested cutting a little off.
I have had long hair as long as waist length and I've had it cut pixie short.
why can't some of these women realize that they need to change every once in awhile.
if you've worn it long for years why can't you try a short hairstyle for awhile?
it will be a nice change.
long hair is nice, but it gets boring really quick and unless you're very insecure which Tara obviously was then you shouldn't have a problem with trying short hair.
Nick should've cut it to the chin. it would've been a really nice change for Tara and the tears would be temporary and once Tara realized how hot she looked in a bob she'd change her whole attitude.



I have been going to Arrojo studios for years. Nick's influence and teaching are ingrained in every stylist. Arrojo does not simply cut what a customer "thinks" will be right, they explain and cut how hair "should" be cut.
I am ALWAYS happy with my look. Can't say that about the dozens of hair stylists who did my hair before I discovered Arrojo Stuodio!!!!



I happen to love Nick and I don't think his haircuts are ugly. Come on people....it is only hair, it will grow back!! I for one love short hair on a woman. It shows that a woman is confident enough not to hide behind a bunch of hair. Nothing worse than a middle-aged woman trying to look young with long hair. Don't be afraid to show your face! And for those of you who cry over your hair....get a life...IT'S ONLY HAIR!!!



Let me also clarify that I am not against long hair on a mature woman...BUT...some women should admit that they don't know how to take care of long hair. I personally never knew how to style my own long hair when I was younger, so now it is short and easy to take care of. I have also gotten many, many compliments on it. Long hair that just hangs with no shape or body is not an attractive look...it does absolutely nothing for your face. The women who came to Nick with long hair that he cut had ugly long hair because they knew absolutely nothing about taking care of it. I love Nick!



It is a myth to think that Shorter hair, specifically Bobs are "matronly" or "soccer Mom" type cuts
this will help dispell that myth



Lol at the people on here hating everyone on the show. You are probably the same people with no sense of style and bad haircuts!



I'm kind of happy Nick left. He was cool and nice and all but 99.9% of the time, he just cut the women's hair short. And there is nothing wrong with short hair (I have short hair!!) but the fact of the manner is that IT WAS ALL HE DID. There was no variety whatsoever and he didn't take into consideration what would look best for that particular woman.
Now Ted on the other hand, I liked. Even though his first job, Ariel, was distraught about her hair color, he made her look SO MUCH BETTER. Remarkably better. Even she liked it at the end (the update). He actually took into consideration what would make her stand out more and it worked. I hope he stays for a long time. :)



Watched a older episode with Nick cutting a Texas woman's long straggily hair and giving her a chic looking Bob today

Joy looked 100% better after she had her hair cut short

If Ted doesn't give a shorter cut tomorrow I will probably never tune in again because what i saw in the promos was one of the worst manes possible. the lady NEEDS a lot of hair chopped off.

for the record Nick did do some long hair when the hair was healthy looking, but many had long straggily mops like Joys and needed to have it chopped off to look right.

not all women look great in long hair and there is a difference between having long glamorous hair like this:
and looking like a throwback to woodstock on a BAD hair day.

as a woman who has had both long and short hair I can tell you that if I had long straggily hair and the stylist recommended cutting a lot off in order to give me the best cut possible I would certainly tell him to go ahead.



I liked Nick, although I didn't always like his hairstyles. I am sorry to see him go. But for those who are saying that they are messing with "the original four", by replacing Nick... keep in mind that this is NOT the first time someone from What Not To Wear has been replaced. Remember that Clinton Kelly was not part of the show the first season -- he was a replacement for Wayne Scot Lukas...



now here's a Bob that is definitely NOT matronly by a long shot!

love the color!

I'm going to tune in tonight and if Ted doesn't impress me well I guess I'll either have to watch the reruns or stop watching the show altogether.



Why did Stacy London insist that Wayne Scot Lukas be fired from What Not To Wear?




Imho I think they need to replace Stacy London next. anyone agree?



Carmindy =cool, Stacy= annoying! Clinton=O.K. Ted=no opinion at this time.

who would you like to see replace Stacy and what is with her hair? she never changes it
I think she should submit to a mandatory Bob cut and have it done on the show! afterall whenever a woman goes from long to short which is good imho she always raves about the hair so why doesn't she wear a bob herself?


Anonymous me

Are u kidding me? Everyone is talking about that lady from Texas who he made cry. But did you see her hair?!?! She needed it cut short. Her hair was so big I'm sure she has permanent neck and back problems.



Just watche the latest episode of WNTW with some radio personality from Denver named Baily and the show SUCKED the big one!
again, another atypical Ted's 'celebrity' long do.
you think he would've given her a real edgy cut since she worked for a music station instead of the lame ass style that she got.
I don't know about the rest of you all , but I'm done with this show!
it has gone from being a half way decent show to total SUCKitude!



I have to disagree with so many of the comments made about Nick. He is the reason I actually watched WNTW. He makes everyone look their best. I was so impressed with him that I had him cut my hair this past year and let him do what he thought would be best. I had extremely long hair and he cut off a bit, but certainly not short. It was truly the best cut I have ever had and his salon is one of the most professional I have ever been to. It was an experience I am looking forward to repeating. I did catch the first night with Ted Gibson and my first impression is that all his comments or conversation with the client was fake/ set up for the cameras. It didn't feel sincere and I don't feel as though I need to see it anymore.



I don't think he was bad, per se (though a few haircuts and styles were very questionable and did not enhance the person's look), but I do question the old and new hair doers as to why most with wavy or curly hair have their hair cut and then straightened?! Being a curly-haired girl, it's not easy maintenance to straighten...takes me at least an hour, at least - but I do do it on occasion. Ted has done it the past couple of weeks too. The gals can look great but going home and doing that every day is not realistic. It's not a five-minute Carmindy makeup deal. I like both Nick and Ted but please, can you give the curly/wavy haired girls something they can do every day with their curls and waves and make it work?!



WNTW is intended to pull people who look so bad (that their family and friends nominated them for a TV show) out of their awful-looking comfort zones. Many of these people go through a major psychological/esteem change on the show. And many seem to have irrational attachments to their current wardrobe and "style". They require TOUGH love and having to make TOUGH choices. Stacy, Clinton, Nick and Carmindy have been very successful at doing that. I can't recall many women (why did they stop doing men??) who didn't have a metamorphosis and new confidence after having been on the show.

This isn't Extreme Makeover. It's trying to find clothes, hair and makeup that work for these people's life - simple fixes without drastic changes that have major results. And a look they can maintain without a stylist living their home.

Unfortunately some women can't be helped much no matter what you do. Did Nick have a few failures? Sure. But usually it was because there were few options. Of course he had to cut off damaged and jaggedy hair - that logically will mean losing length. Carmindy is on a TV show, in front of a camera, which means she has to wear more makeup under bright lights. She gives makeup tips for everyday looks, not photoshoots or Red Carpet events.

My husband is distraught Nick is gone. Whenever the show came on he'd yell "NICK!" - it was the reason I think he started watching with me. Loves him some Nick!

Someone suggested getting rid of Stacy? HUH? She IS this show. She and Clinton make a great team - entertaining and educational.

I don't know why Nick left the show, but I know we will miss him at our house.



"Someone suggested getting rid of Stacy? HUH? She IS this show."
that would be me ;-)
I would rather that they had replaced her instead of Nick.
as far as I am concerned Nick Arrojo WAS a big part of that show's success, not just Stacy and Clinton.
sorry, nothing against the new guy Ted, but his work didn't impress me at all. it looked like the atypical generic 'celebrity' look which I don't like at all.
NIck gave the ladies haircuts that required minimal work.
I think the show will probably plummet in the ratings and could possibly face cancellation by January 2010.



I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Nick gave everyone the same haircut! We call him king of the bob around here. I like the way Carmindy does make-up.



Well, as far as the big picture goes, does it REALLY matter? It's a television show, people! The economy is struggling, individuals are taking pay cuts or losing their jobs right and left, and the housing market is tanking. If we all put as much thought and effort into issues that affect each of us instead of critiquing entertainment shows, maybe this world would be a better place! Think about it.



I really felt like crying when I found Nick was gone. He was one of my main reasons for watching WNTW. Why would anybody hate Nick?!!! I am truly upset about that.



So much for watching What Not To Wear... This has been one of my favorite shows but after seeing Ted Gibson in the last 2 episodes with his ho-hum "hair don'ts" and lack of personality I think I'll be watching less. The first episode he forced a color on someone who didn't want to go red and it looked like an amature job when he finished--and she obviously wasn't happy with it. Just because someone is afraid to get rid of some length doesn't mean they look good with long hair. Most women past a certain age don't look good with long hair. The second episode where Mr. Gibson left the hair long and just put a loose curl in the style didn't look attractive at all. In fact, it didn't look like it had been done at all. As for his personality--or lack of it. He acts like he's afraid to suggest something different.



I actually watched an old rerun with Nick the other night and i watched him actually get MAD and snap at a woman who said she didn't want her long hair cut. ..like he just got NASTY about it......he IS a sadist..and the way he cuts off the woman's ponytail and wags it in front of their faces taunting them. yuck i'm glad to see him go..the new guy might not be superb but he's better that nick..i couldn't believe how aggressive he got with that woman.



Nick was awesome! I used to enjoy seeing him take those plain Janes long straggily Mops that resembled old frizzy manes and chop it off then put some color and conditioner in and back to the sink and do the actual cut and then afterwards he gave them a much shorter and sleeker style that required low maintance.

this Ted guy didn't do anything but put a curl in that lady's hair last night and it will look the way it did before she sat in the chair within a week.

not with Nick's cuts. they last a hell of a lot longer. I will not watch another episode of that show from this point on UNLESS it's a rerun with NICk.

Short Hair is much better ladies and short hair will give you a hell of a lot more sex appeal than unkempt long hair will.

definitely go SHORT and get a bob and think of Nick as you're in the chair getting a foot or more taken off.! you'll look a LOT better as a result and your antishort hair attitude will dissipate!

NIck, you were great Man. wish you would come back! ;-(



All of you antiNIck Arrojo people are glad he is gone because you are so insecure about getting some hair cut off. many of you probably would benefit from receiving a Nick Arrojo Haircut.

besides Short Hair has been making a comeback over the past few years. Long hair doesn't look great on everyone and as a matter of fact, with few exceptions it doesn't look that great on anyone.

TLC PLEASE bring Nick Arrojo back. the new guy isn't gonna cut it. he doesn't even cut hardly any hair off and he lacks the Charisma that Nick had and I miss the episodes of him giving these ladies who went from mundane to looking like glamorous models after receiving a good BOB haircut.



All of you antiNIck Arrojo people are glad he is gone because you are so insecure about getting some hair cut off. many of you probably would benefit from receiving a Nick Arrojo Haircut.

besides Short Hair has been making a comeback over the past few years. Long hair doesn't look great on everyone and as a matter of fact, with few exceptions it doesn't look that great on anyone.

TLC PLEASE bring Nick Arrojo back. the new guy isn't gonna cut it. he doesn't even cut hardly any hair off and he lacks the Charisma that Nick had and I miss the episodes of him giving these ladies who went from mundane to looking like glamorous models after receiving a good BOB haircut.



I just watched an old rerun with nick and i was actually shocked to see nick actually get MAD and snap at a woman who said she didn't want her long hair cut. He was really aggressive with her. yuck i'm happy to see him go. The new guy ted has to be better than nick. I couldn't believe how nasty he was to her.






NIck knew what he was doing. he saw a woman who wore her hair long and wore it in a ponytail most of the time because she really was ashamed of the way her hair looked and after he chopped that ponytail off he colored it and gave her a sleek looking bob haircut which every woman should be willing to try and they were very grateful.

will Miss Nick, but as far as the new guy goes I think he's not gonna last. just a hunch I have. ;-)


short hair

Nick is a great. and lots of women with long thin faces look horrible in long hair, but are to blind ot see it. Nick takes into account face shape before he cuts hair, he also is cool. i won't watch the show anymore. no loyality among cast members? big mistake wntw



Let's get it straight:

1. Nick does NOT have a huge ego; this man works in his salon side by side with his employees and students - NO "DIVA" complex - and he is gracious and accomodating to all those tourists who come to his salon seeking a photo op.
2. Long hair does not mean good looking/beautiful hair.
3. Nick does not cut everyone short or in the same style and I don't recall ever seeing a mullet on WNTW!
4. Most of those with long hair have not maintained it in good health and cutting "a lot" of it off is the only way to bring their hair back to life. (If your fingernails were nasty, cracked and split would you continue to crazy glue them back together so they remain long, but ugly, or would you cut them off and let them regrow?)
5. Hair grows back, live a little - it's not like they're losing limbs, nor their identity - unless their identity is "Cousin It" from the Addams Family.
6. The only "helmet" I recall seeing on WNTW belonged to the lady that used so much hair spray, her husband's fingers would get caught in her head.

Most of you who "hate" Nick have never even met him in person. You are judging him based on a 3 minute segment of a 1 hour show - a segment that is shot and reshot and edited to create the final product. You see what the producers want you to see, nothing more. Do we know for a fact he was "let go"? Perhaps Nick left the show to pursue other interests; Perhaps Nick left the show because he was not given enough creative license with the styles he produced on the show; Perhaps if you had the opportunity to see him working, styling hair in his salon you would have a different opinion of him.

What a horrible world we live in where people base judgements on heresay in the media and not on facts and first hand experience. May none of you ever have to endure the same.



I loved Nic. I thought , with very few exceptions, all the haircuts he gave made each person look so much better. Whenever the person on the show would not let him have the freedom to do what he thought was best, that person did not seem to be completely made over. I also liked Nic Arrojo's personality. He was straight forward and sure of his skills. This is what I would want. I watched the program to see his haircuts. I hate that he is gone.



Imho, I think NIck probably had restrictions placeed upon him when he signed a contract with the producers of the show and/or TLC.
I am sure he would've loved to have been more creative with color as exhibited in this clip that I ran across:

also, I think Nick probably has done a lot more edgier styles in his own salon ,but wasn't probably allowed to be creative with the clients on WNTW because the show has a very conservative bent stylisticallly. afterall they're trying to appeal to middle-America, not the trendy types which is unfortunate because I would like to see some plain Janes given some very cool styles with colorful highlights. ;-)

incidentally the host who interviews him in the clip above is obviously clueless when it comes to style thinking that the model's hair is a "Wild look". she obviously hasn't seen much, but then this is "good morning America" which targets some of the most conservative demographic groups in the U.S. what can you expect?



Arrojo Underground 2007 NYC

Arrojo Underground Hair Modeling fashion show in New York p1

Arrojo Underground Hair Modeling fashion show in New York p2



These Two Video Clips WIll Dispell The MYTH That Nick Arrojo Cuts all Long Haired Women's Hair Short

Check out both clips and see for yourself.

red head waist length trim and bangs part 1

red head waist length trim and bangs part 2

as you can see after he is finished her hair is still quite long and looking very healthy and glamorous too!

And what is more SEXY, Long Dull Straggily Fried Hair or Long Shiny Healthy Stylish Hair? ;-)



I haven't read this blog lately.....Get rid of Stacy....who are you? STUPID or something!!!!!!!
I've also notice you didn't get your fight you wanted.....boo woo.
I do agree with a few.......THE SHOW IS HISTORY.....in my book.



Keep Stacy on the show, but make her sign a contractual agreement which stipulates that she has to get her hair cut into a short Bob. same with Carmindy.

LESS emphasis on Long Hair and more on SHORT hair. Demonstrate how SEXY women can really look with hair CUT above the chin.



Awww I don't hate Nick at all! I think he'll be missed (even with his crazy curly hair!) but I am excited to see what Ted can bring to the equation.



Any damn fool can grow hair. What makes it special is a good cut. Nick was a genius. I am sad to see him go. The only people who look good with long hair hanging down the sides of their faces are young kids. Most women over thirty need something with style. Those whiners that did not want their hair styled to suit them should have turned down the money and stayed home.



Viewed a rerun today with the twins from San Francisco. one of them was into the 1950s styles and the other liked 1960s fashions. both 29, but looked 14. When asked by Nick what she would like for her hairstyle the twin with the longest hair requested that her hair be cut into a Bob. both looked adorable after their transformations. ;-)



Nick was the best thing that "What Not To Wear" Had to Offer

Bobcuts are WAY much better than long hair imho



I have to disagree with some people on here. I think Nick did listen to what the person said, but then he would tell them why he thought what he wanted to do would be better for them. It was a conversation (and we don't know if we see the whole conversation anyway, what with editing...). I don't think I saw an episode where the person told him they absolutely did not want him to do something but then he did it anyway -- he always got their okay first (even if it was an apprehensive okay). There were some people who flat out said no to things, and so he didn't do it. I remember that singer who didn't want her hair to be colored, and he did leave it her natural color... and also that nanny with the really long hair who would not let him even trim it. Other times he did compromise a bit and left a bit more length even though he had initially said he wanted to cut it shorter.

I didn't always like his cuts... I did get tired of the bobs... but usually the person did like it even when I did not (different strokes, I guess). And I did see him do some slightly edgier things sometimes -- nothing way over the top because it had to work with the person's lifestyle, but I do remember one girl he gave some blue hair to...

I think if I had the opportunity, that I would want to see what he would suggest for my hair... and if it worked with my lifestyle (like if it was quick and easy to care for), then I'd probably say sure, go ahead. If I hated the result, well, it's hair and it would grow back eventually!

I will miss seeing Nick on WNTW, but I say, let's give the new guy a chance... it's only been 2 shows so far, right?



I recently had my hair cut by Nick. I've read all the pros and cons preceding my post. My hair was not long to start with. I told him before he began that what I did NOT like was hair that was real short at my ears and longer in the back. What did I get? Exactly what I said I did not want. There was no more discussion about what I'd ask for. I have never been terribly assertive and didn't have the nerve to say anything at the time. Besides, once you realize he just chopped what you didn't want him to chop, it's a tad late to complain. It was difficult not to cry. Since the cut was a gift, I feel I have to wait a respectable amount of time before at least getting the back trimmed so everything feels more balanced. They blow dry your hair in that place but that's it. No curling irons and I am a person who needs a little BODY. Round brush and blow dryer. That's pretty much it. I was very disappointed in the end result. The cut was good and probably would have gotten an A+ if being done on a dummy, but I think you have to get just a hint of someone's personality (and at his prices, take 3-4 minutes to do so) and take their wishes in to consideration. I did not receive that courtesy. In retrospect, he seemed a bit reticent, maybe a little 'down'. Since this was only 3 weeks ago, I suspect he was well aware he was being replaced on WNTW.


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