Expert advice on what to look for when buying an expensive suit

buying an expensive suit

Looking for a new suit can require a lot of thought. Perhaps you’ve been invited to a wedding, a christening or maybe you’re looking to sharpen up for the office. Either way, a suit should be viewed as a necessary investment. A cheap suit is almost guaranteed to need replacing in a couple of years, whereas well-designed tailoring can last…

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Declutter Your Makeup Bag Today

Makeup Bag

It’s time to Marie Kondo your makeup bag. If your makeup bag has become a mess of broken eyebrow pencils, crushed blush remnants and smeared foundation, it’s time to do a purge. Decluttering isn’t only about tossing out the items that you should’ve thrown out months ago. It’s also about organizing your makeup bag in a way that will keep…

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8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. If you get enough sleep every night, you’re in your bedroom for at least a third of the day. That’s almost 3,000 hours every year, and that’s only when you’re sleeping! For a lot of people, bedrooms are also a sanctuary. It’s where they work, get dressed, hang out, watch TV,…

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How to Dress Your Kids on a Tight Budget

Let’s be honest — raising a family isn’t easy. It’s even harder when your family’s on a tight budget. It complicates even the simplest task like keeping their wardrobes stocked. You have to be resourceful if you expect to dress them in comfortable and fashionable clothes while simultaneously saving for their college fund. If you’re worried your bills at the…

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