Flooring: A Room By Room Guide

With plenty of flooring options being available, it can sometimes be
hard picking the perfect choice for each room!  The floors in your home
take a beating, especially if you come from a busy family household.
With shoes piling up everywhere, lots of foot traffic and sometimes paws
pattering about the place, your poor floor is going to have to withstand
all this!

So, whether you’re looking to do up your entire home or just one room,
you’ll need to consider what each room goes through and is used for. For
example, carpet might be the ideal choice for a guest room but no good
in heavily used areas like the hallway. Here are some pointers to help
keep you on the right track.

Wow Your Guests With Parquet Wood Flooring

The hallway is probably the highest foot traffic area in the house, with
everyone that enters and leaves your home will have to pass through it.
You therefore need something that is highly durable and will withstand
all sorts of abuse without showing it too quickly!  With this being
said, the hallway isn’t somewhere lots of food and water is going to be
dropped on it. Because wood is very durable but not great when it comes
into contact with water and can stain, this makes it the perfect choice
for the hallway.

Now because there’s so many options when it comes to wood, that we’re
going to have to be more specific. The hallway is all about first
impressions, so something impressive is just as important as durability!
We’d recommend parquet wood – designed in an intricate pattern to
present a luxurious statement – perfect to give the wow factor!

Wind Down With Carpet

The bedroom is your place to relaxed and unwind after a long day at
work. With this being said, either carpet or solid are fantastic
options. Both of them are stylish and comfortable, offering a homely
feel as well as complementing many different furnishings and interior
themes that you should have no concerns if you decide to change things

Enjoy An Easier Life With Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Let us definitely the best flooring choice for the kitchen and bathroom,
due to its water, stain and anti-slip nature. Not only does it look so
similar to natural products, but it’s also really low maintenance with
an easy cleaning routine and very rarely scratching.

Worry Less With Laminate

Although real wood might be suitable if you come from a quiet household
where spillages aren’t as common, most of us require something that’s
practical in the kitchen due to all the things that get dropped all over
the place! Luckily laminate is scratch, stain and water resistant, so
you won’t need to be constantly worrying about damage. But perhaps the
best thing about it is that it’s an affordable option!

Sit Down In Style With Engineered Wood

Although solid wood has many of its own unique features, engineered
wood comes out on top in terms of practicality and usefulness. The main
distinction is that engineered wood is able to cope with the differing
temperatures of under-floor heating, something solid wood cannot.