NEO GRANDE: The next level ergonomic shoes

There are many outdoor shoes or sneakers that can keep your feet firmly in place, but useful slippers with an ergonomic design are difficult to find. Finding shoes that fit to your feet can be challenging because every person has a different foot shape and walking habit.

When a certain part of the foot is continuously pushed, the shoe may become distorted, or the foot may feel the pain. Shoes typically bend differently depending on how the person moves his or her feet.

Is there any footwear that keeps feet cozy even when standing or moving for extended lengths of time? Yes, there is. It is a shoe with exceptional EVA cushioning, called NEO Grande.

Exclusive 3D Arc Tech will make your feet comfortable in any when, any time

NEO GRANDE is a daily shoe that is pleasant to use anytime, anywhere, including in workplaces, outdoor activities, camping, and travel. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) material that has been treated to the proper density was used to produce the shoes. It is strong and lightweight, and when worn, it provides a decent amount of cushioning. The convex, cloud-like form is stunning on the outside of the shoes. If you put it on, you can see that the interior has a similar curved construction and is equipped with NEO GRANDE’s distinctive ergonomic 3D ARC Tech. Because of the design’s use of several curved surfaces in three dimensions and care for the foot joint’s mobility, it fits comfortably even when the foot moves around a lot.

EVA material is used to create an exceptional water-proof shoes

Since EVA material is completely waterproof, NEO GRANDE dries rapidly and requires easy to manage. Additionally, even when stained with foreign substances, it can be easily cleaned, allowing you to wear it cleanly and odor-free. The side of the shoes also include three-dimensional perforations that offer great ventilation while keeping rain and other foreign objects out. When the foot touches inside the shoe, since it has a surface that has been specially polished, it feels amazing. You will feel much more at ease wearing them if you use an included insole with superior padding. If you feel like your shoes are slightly big, you can insert an insole to adjust the size to fit your feet. The shoes’ outsole is coated with the non-slip coating. Since it grips the ground firmly and is lighter than normal rubber, this outsole won’t easily slip on the rainy days or slippery surfaces. According to the research, the most comfortable heel height for shoes is between 2.5 cm and 3 cm. NEO GRANDE’s 3 cm heel height helps to reduce foot strain even when standing for long periods of time. Due to the elastic EVA material’s capacity to withstand external impact, your feet will always be comfortably protected.

Visit Kickstarter right away and type in “NEO GRANDE” if you’re interested in learning more about revolutionary functional shoes.