How to Protect Your Hair During the Winter Months

There are no two ways about it: the winter months can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health.

This is particularly true when it comes to your hair and skin. Male or female, the cold and dry winter season has the potential to affect your hair in ways that you never thought possible (and that’s not a good thing). 

As scary as that sounds, there are steps you can take to protect your hair during the winter months. And once you have a plan that works for you, it’ll become second nature.

Here are five tips to experiment with:

  1. Use a Hair Moisturizer

It may not be something you do regularly during the summer months, but it’s a must when winter arrives.

With the help of a hair moisturizer, you’re doing your part in locking moisture in. Subsequently, your hair is less likely to dry out. 

  1. Avoid Long, Hot Showers

There’s nothing better than a long, hot shower on a cold winter day. While it may feel good at the time, there’s something to remember: it can put a lot of stress on your hair (and other parts of your body).

Hot showers will dry out your hair. As a result, your hair will become brittle and more likely to break.

It may not be your idea of relaxation, but avoid hot showers during the winter. If you must do this, make it quick. The longer you’re exposed to hot water, the more damage it’ll cause. 

  1. Buy a Humidifier

Even when it’s raining or snowing outside, the air is dry during the winter months. So, it’s natural that your hair and skin will follow suit.

While you can’t control the air quality outside of your home, you have full control inside. 

With the help of a humidifier, you can add much-needed moisture to your home’s air. This goes a long way in keeping your hair and skin healthy. 

Tip: if you have a whole-house humidifier, use it to your advantage. But if you don’t, you can add one or two portable units to your home. Strategically place them in the areas—such as your bedroom and family room—where you spend the most time. 

  1. Don’t Leave Home with Wet Hair

Are you the type of person who is always in a hurry during the morning hours? Does this often lead you to leave home with wet hair?

You may not realize it, but this makes your already vulnerable hair more prone to drying out. Believe it or not, your hair can freeze and break, leaving you with an even bigger problem.

Air drying is the best option, but if you must, blow-drying your hair is better than going into the cold with it wet. 

Tip: entering the cold winter air with a wet head also puts you at greater risk of developing a cold, among other ailments. 

  1. Wear a Hat

It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female, you should consider wearing a hat during the cold winter season.

For example, if you’re a woman, there are many styles to choose from. You’re likely to find one that works, regardless of the style you’re seeking.

When you cover your hair, it’s not as exposed to the dry air, wind, and snow. 

Tip: choose the right type of hat, because some fabrics—such as cotton and wool—have the potential to break your hair. When possible, it’s best to wear a hat that’s lined with either satin or silk. 

Final Thoughts on Winter Hair Care

There are many ways to prevent and treat dry skin and hair during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It’ll take time—as well as trial and error—to pin down a system that works for you. But once you find one, you’ll feel better about your ability to maintain a healthy head of hair.

Forget about what you’ve done in the past. Forget about all those early mornings wondering what went wrong during your preparation.

Use the tips above to protect your hair during the upcoming winter months. Doing so will put a smile on your face as you realize that it’s paying off.