How to Layer Pearl and Gold Necklaces

Pearl and gold necklaces are currently an in-thing! According to Coco Chanel, a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls. And a century later, pearls are still a thing. Pearl layering is different depending on the event you plan to attend. If you plan to attend a gala, black-tie event, or even a benefit, your pearls and gold necklaces will be appropriate. However, nowadays, you can even wear pearls in toned-down events. You will find many people blending their pearls with casual and office attires and even when rocking a laid-back look.

No matter the event you are attending, you can wear your pearl and gold chain necklace. However, if you want to layer pearls and gold chains, you must understand how to do it to complete your look and stand out. Here are some pearl layering necklace ideas.

Place emphasis on Overtones

Some pearls have a white overtone, such as white freshwater and Akoya. However, some pearls have a golden overtone as well as other overtones. If you are looking to pair your jewelry in a fashion-sensible way, the overtone of your pearl necklace can guide you.

If you are wearing white overtone pearls, they will go well together with yellow gold, silver, and white gold. You can choose the pairing you want depending on the look you are trying to achieve. When looking for a versatile and easy look, white gold or silver can give you the look you want. Also, you can pair white overtone pearls with yellow gold for a nice contrast.

Pairing yellow gold with a golden overtone will provide the ultimate look!

Layer Your Jewelry

According to fashion enthusiasts, layering is a trend expected to remain timeless. You can try out layering using the gold necklaces and pearls you own. It is optional to match the jewelry. You can use the internet for inspiration and have fun creating new and different pearl layering necklace ideas.

You can start by placing a pearl necklace around your neck as your primary piece, and from there, you can select necklaces that vary in length to experiment and see how the layers look on your neckline. Likewise, you can try out thicker and thinner chains and see what works, but to avoid overdoing it, you may want to stick to three or four necklaces.

Add Diamonds

You can add diamond accessories to your pearl and gold necklace look. Even though diamonds can be flashy and shiny, your pearls and gold necklace can turn your diamond accessories into a toned-down and everyday look. Diamonds can give you an edgy and modern look. You may have to be careful with your layering when using diamond pieces, so you do not end up with an overdone look.

How you wear your pearls and accessories is based on personal preferences and shouldn’t be limited by any fashion rules. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to layer more! If you are looking to purchase some, check out Cult of Sun trendy jewelry.