Top Reasons Why Gold is Perfect for Name Necklaces

Gold jewelry is trending this year because it signifies elegance. Gold is versatile and comes in different colors. Traditionally, when people think of gold, they mean yellow-colored metal. However, it is common to see white gold, and rose gold, and all three are very suitable for name necklaces. Gold is a perfect match for a variety of gemstones. 

Properties of gold

Gold is resistant to corrosion, rust, and tarnish. However, if you want to wear a gold necklace every day, it is better to find a gold necklace mixed with either nickel, zinc, silver, or copper. Pure gold is not suitable for daily wear as it is very soft. Gold with lower karat, such as 14Kt to 21Kt, is suitable for everyday wear, as it is stronger and more durable. 

The precious metal has different labels. You are likely to see necklaces and other items carrying the gold-plated label. This means that the pieces have a different metal underneath, with a sheet of gold wrapping the metal. 

Gold plating has various standards, which is something that you should know. 

  • Gold layering. When the label says gold layering, only a thin layer covers the base metal. 
  • Gold leaf. These extremely fine and thin sheets are mainly used for decoration. Visitors to some of the temples in Thailand typically buy gold leaf sheets to put over Buddha images. They are commonly used for 22Kt or 24Kt gold plating.
  • Gold plated. Most jewelry items have this label, which means that the base metal is thinly wrapped in a gold layer, which is thicker than gold layering. 
  • Gold overlay. Stronger necklaces typically have this label, wherein a thicker piece of gold covers the necklace. 
  • Gold-filled. Copper or brass forms the base of the jewelry, which is covered in gold later.  
  • Vermeil. When you see this on the label, remember that a thicker layer of gold plating covers sterling silver. This is suitable for people allergic to other metals.

Why do people prefer gold?

Gold has been with us for several millennia. The metal is something that many people know, and most people want to own pieces of gold jewelry. The sheer luxuriousness of polished gold attracts people. Furthermore, gold does not go out of style.

Gold is perfect for name necklaces, especially an Arabic name necklace, which is trending right now, particularly among celebrities.

One thing to remember is that 24 karat gold or pure gold is quite rare, so be wary when someone says the jewelry they are selling is 24k. Pure gold is very soft, and you can make indentations in it with your fingernail.

You may see gold in different colors. The traditional one is brilliant yellow. Many people love the look of rose gold because it is affordable. The pinkish tone is due to the mixture of yellow gold and copper.

On the other hand, white gold combines yellow gold with platinum, making the gold scratch-resistant and durable.

It’s rare to see, but there is green gold, as well. The color is achieved by mixing silver with yellow gold.  

For name necklaces, listen to the recommendations of the jeweler. You want to ensure that the name pendant or bar is durable and strong so that it will retain its shape.