Careers for People Who Love Fashion & Style

Sometimes it feels as if you’re surrounded by suits and ties, people who always wanted to grow up to become businessmen stuck in the same loop on repeat. Others aren’t like that. If fashion and design have always called to you, you’ll know the feeling. 

You never want to settle; you’re always working for new, better, and bolder. Your wardrobe changes with the seasons, and your house redesign is being planned on your Pinterest–no matter if you don’t have a house yet. You may have wanted to go into fashion or design your whole life but have been told that it’s a hard business. You’ve been told that you’ll never make it. Worry no more! Here are several careers you could have that center around fashion or design.

Graphic design

Have you ever wondered how to become a graphic designer? This is a job in the design industry that is seen as slightly easier to get into, but it’s still full of mystery. How do you get your feet off the ground? What school do you go to? This is an especially involved career, so it is essential to start building skills in high school. In high school, you can take art and design classes to become more acquainted with different aspects of the discipline. A bachelor’s degree is the recommended next step, although sometimes an associate’s degree is good enough. Countless colleges offer degrees in design, so you should have no trouble finding one. If you’re worried about the price, a community college may be a good start. 

Internships are also integral to your schooling. If you can show an internship on a resume, you are much more likely to get hired. During an internship or after college, a strong portfolio is necessary. It is a lot of hard work, but it is worth it to do something you love.


You could also become a photographer. If you love art and design, this is a great profession that allows you to express that. There are many types of fashion photographers, too. You could attend fashion week to take pictures of the hottest outfits or become a street photographer. There is little schooling associated with being a photographer, so you could literally get started today. 

Photographers usually get a bachelor’s degree in media communications or photography. They pick a focus, in this case, fashion. Then they work to get an internship or become an assistant. This is probably the most critical part. Photographers are mainly hired based on portfolio and experience, so you want to make sure you have a strong portfolio and lots of experience as an intern or assistant. After that, you can start working on your own.


If you want to go into fashion but don’t have the time or money to go to school for long periods, you could become a hairstylist. Many hairstylists stay in one town working in one place, yet talented hairstylists can move up in the industry, styling people all around the world and getting to see the sights in the process. To become a hairstylist, you need to attend a state-licensed cosmetology program. They will teach you techniques for cutting, staying, and coloring. This sets you up to be able to quickly attain a license to cut and style hair. 

It is a good idea to build a portfolio, but this isn’t required. Then, you can seek employment. There are barbers in nearly every city– everyone gets their hair cut– but you can also go out on a limb and start your barbershop. From there, you have the option to continue your education and continue to improve your skills. Hairstylists get the fantastic opportunity to branch off of known stills as well. 

Some stylists even become famous for creating a new haircut or a new coloring technique. It is a very creative profession and helps keep you up to date on the current styles of both hair and clothing. 

 Overall, the wide belief may be that it’s impossible to get into the fashion industry, but that is not the case. Many jobs require a love of fashion and design that can be achieved through training and hard work. If you really love style and design, nothing can stop you from getting a career in the field. You don’t have to launch your own product line to be successful!