Great Reasons To Buy An Electric Bike

5 Reasons To Buy An Electric Bike

With the pollution crisis being what it is in today’s world, finding eco-friendly ways of travelling has become more important than ever. An electric bike is a fantastic way to get around, get some fresh air, travel from one place to another, and reduce your carbon footprint all at the same time.

Many people think that an e-bike is a nifty toy to have around, when in actual fact, they can quite readily replace a car if your travel needs are relatively simple. They are highly practical vehicles, here are 5 reasons why everyone should own an e-bike.

1. Quick and Easy Transportation

Above anything else, electric bikes are transportation devices. They are geared to easily, quickly, safely and efficiently get you from point A to point B. They can help you get pretty much anywhere and make trips quicker and easier to manage.

If you need to pop out for something from the store, hopping on your e-bike and dodging all the traffic is an easy way to get there. They can replace all your daily commuting needs without fail. They also have a reliable and hard-working motor, which means carrying extra loads of groceries or the bits and bobs you need to take to work, won’t be an issue.

2. Faster Than You Think

Electric bikes are much faster than most people think. They have a strong motor and can move quickly even when in the motor-assisted mode. On average, most e-bikes can reach up to speeds of 28 miles per hour.

The biggest added bonus of swapping your car out for an e-bike, is the ability to skip the traffic. Being able to move freely through the morning or evening traffic jam will free up so much more of your time, bringing convenience and ease into your life.

3. Eco-Friendly And Supportive Of The Environment

As the name suggests, e-bikes run purely on electricity. This is of course a much more eco-friendly option than the gas or diesel needed to power the engine of a car. E-bike’s biggest eco-friendly claim to fame, is that creates no emissions while running. Some e-bike models have the equivalent rating of 1000 miles per gallon of gas. This is a phenomenal number as even the most supposed “eco-friendly cars” can only reach around 50 miles per gallon at best.

4. Live In The City With Ease

Driving in the city, pretty much anywhere in the world, is often a nightmare. Between traffic and parking, it can make one want to give up driving and walk everywhere instead. E-bikes are much more convenient. You just jump on your bike, get to where you’re going and lock it up. Simple as that!

5. Easy On The Pocket

When one isn’t shelling out constantly for fuel, it’s incredible how much money can be saved. The estimated savings on fuel when you make the change from car to e-bike, is roughly $7000 per year. Not only that, but e-bikes need significantly less maintenance overall (which is also less expensive when it is needed) o you won’t have to use your Grand Rush bonus codes winnings to pay for upkeep.