How can a man be stylish at the Airport?

Passports at the ready — it’s time for your well-deserved vacation. Once your packing is done and you know everything’s in check, you only have one more thing to think about: the airport outfit.

Perfecting an airport look is something that we all strive for; and it can lead to a greater experience for when you go on your travels. From feeling on-trend for drinks at the airport lounge to feeling comfy on a long flight, this SS18-inspired fashion guide — put together by men’s fashion retailer, QUIZMAN — will set you straight on how to dress in style and comfort when you check-in.

  1. A professional flight

Blazers for men are perfect if you’re travelling for business purposes, you want to make a good impression. Take inspiration from your normal work wardrobe, but just tweak it slightly to make it airport-appropriate — this means not wearing anything tight and restrictive, or too many accessories that might cause a headache at security.

Have you noticed the checked pattern trend this year? Whether you go for larger window pane checks or a smaller grid check, a square-pattern blazer over a plain, long-sleeve, buttoned-up Oxford shirt delivers the perfect upper body style fit for a business-focused flight. Pair with stretch jeans to tone down the formality and offer you extra comfort for the journey, then finish off with tan brogues.

  1. A short-haul flight

With short-haul flights not being very time consuming, you’ll probably look to go straight out once you land. So, put together a look that fits a bar or restaurant crowd to make sure you can head straight out after check-in.

It’s important that you make sure you nail your outfit on a short-haul flight — there’s no excuses. Pull on a pair of turn-up jeans, which was a massive trend in men’s fashion weeks, and combine with a contrast polo shirt for an on-point, smart-casual look that’s fresh for summer 2018. Polish off the outfit with a chrome watch that’s easy to take off at the security scanner, and end with a pair of mens chukka boots — the ideal men’s shoe for summer.

  1. A flight straight to the beach

If you’re heading on a beach holiday, you need to master the perfect airport outfit for the change in climate.

If you’re ready to rock the beach look, you must cop a tropic print tee and pair it with a pair of light shorts. If you don’t fancy wearing shorts at the airport bar, go for light-coloured chinos with a vertical-stripe shirt — a pattern that will be everywhere in men’s fashion throughout summer this year. Boat shoes make perfect holiday footwear, or you can opt for slip-on canvas sneakers for the same laid-back effect.

  1. A long-haul

Depending on what type of traveller you are, long-haul flights can be amazing or highly irritating — with longer time spent on the plane. So, comfort merged with style is crucial to make your commute pass swiftly.

You need to strike a balance when it comes to airport attire; look on point but feel entirely comfortable too. Go for a plain tee in a shade that matches the band on your side-stripe joggers — this clothing piece was on all the catwalks at the men’s SS18 international fashion shows. Match with neutral-colour, lace sneakers that are easy to slip on and off at security and throw over a light-weight bomber, or boxy denim jacket that’s easy to roll up and put under your seat during the flight.

  1. A flight to the city

Jumping on a plane for a city break? Then, you need an outfit with an on-trend, urban look when you check-in for the flight.

Why not wear mid-weight trousers with a short-sleeved shirt? Tonal dressing is big in men’s fashion right now, so choose a colour you know looks good on you and get your top, pants and shoes in different shades of it. You may need a jacket when you land if you’re heading somewhere with a cool climate, like a city in northern Europe, but make sure you opt for something flexible and light — a stripe or chevron, zip windbreaker is ideal.

What you must know about dressing for the airport

To ensure that the journey you’re taking is stylish but stress-free, take a look and follow the tips below:

  • Avoid belts: you only have to take these off for the security check.
  • Layer up: go for multiple layers to keep your body temperature at the perfect level.
  • Keep it functional: don’t wear clothes that are restrictive or awkward.
  • Wear socks: to keep your feet cool and dry during long commutes.
  • Avoid lace shoes if possible: go for footwear that’s easy to remove
  • Take a small carry-on bag or wear clothes with plenty of pockets: to keep your passport, boarding pass and other airport essentials safe.

Look your best this year when you jet off to a sunnier destination.