IF You Love Making Wild Bets Here are Some of the Wildest You Can Make

Sports betting sites today offer more and more wild bet because they want to have everyone as a customer (here is sportpesa review). Today in fact you can bet on anything from a TV and movies and what they will do in ratings and the box office, awards shows and who will win which award and just about anything else you can think of. 

There are the widest ranges of bets to be made and all can give you a chance to make some serious cash. But some bets are at the most extreme and we will cover a few of them here. 

The End of Mankind

This may sound strange and even creepy, but you can bet on when life on the plant will end. Your first thought of course is that if you win, how will you collect? Well they have figured this out. You will get paid before the event happens and so you can use your winnings to go out in style. Let’s say you pick a meteor. If it is determined that this space rock will in fact wipe us out you can collect weeks before it actually hits us. Same if we notice the Sun will heat up to a point that it fries us, you get your money in time to go to a really cold place so you can enjoy at least a few extra hours or even days. Of course if aliens attack us and quickly wipe us out you might now get paid, but in this case what difference would it make. 

Who Will Be the Next James Bond

Every James Bond film has the mystery of who will play this iconic actor. With the current James Bond rumored to be moving on after the new film debuts, the betting is pretty brisk. Will it be a Black James Bond for the first time, or even a woman? There is never any real way to tell which adds to the excitement and of course increases the odds for those interested in betting. Place your bets and if you are right you could win enough to buy one of the exotic cars in the films or go vacation in the South of France. 

The Craziest Side Wagers

Most people who bet on sports bet on the outcome of a particular match. But you can bet on just about anything else. For example you can bet on the color of the liquid that will be poured on the coach of the winning side of a football game. You can even bet whether there will be an earthquake or some other sudden disaster during a game. You pick and odds can be made. 

Take the Longest Odds

If you like to have the longest odds in a bet, try betting on the lower place team in the Premiere League to win it all. It has actually happened once where Leicester City won the Premier Organization in season 2015/16. As you might guess, everyone was stunned. At that year’s season, Leicester was expected to barely make the Premiere League top table instead they actually won it all beating out all of the favorites. Their odds of winning was 5000/1 and so anyone making a bet had a really good payoff.

These are just a sample of the crazy bets you can make if you are willing to rick your cash.