Most common mistakes when applying for an eTA Canada

Canada is developing its design sector in the shadows of the biggest brands and events that dominate the world of fashion.

While all eyes are turned to New York, Milan and Paris, Canada has grown a generation of young and bold designers whose work combines the clear and light lines of the nature, the ethno style of the native populations and of course the Asian, African, Caribbean, and European influence Canada has inherited and that is now part of the its culture.

Markoo, Mikhael Kale, Beaufille, Horses Atelier, and Urbanovitch are some of the brands representing this generation of Canadian fashion designers.

eTA Canada

If you are interested in the design sector development in Canada, we recommend you to obtain a Canadian eTA – electronic travel authorization, issued by the state authorities in Canada to the citizens of 55 countries eligible to travel without a visa. Among them – most of the European countries but also Mexico, Chile, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, the Salmon Islands, and New Zealand.

Obtaining the document, including the eTA Canada Mexico is easy and fast. 20 minutes in front of the computer and you will be ready to send your eTA application for approval. Its status will be determined in a couple of hours and, if not rejected, you will be ready to set off to Canada.

Although the process in obtaining the eTA Authorization is fast and easy, here are some commonly made mistakes you should pay attention to:

  • Passport that expires while you are in Canada or soon after the end of the trip. Make sure your passport will be valid for at least six months as of the day of your departure from the country;
  • Travelling with the wrong passport. Many of the visitors eligible to travel to Canada without a visa hold dual citizenship. One can easily forget with which of the two passports he has applied for the eTA. Remember, the eTA must always match the passport which number has been completed on the application form. Two eligible for travelling with an eTA passports do not mean that you can use no matter which of the two;
  • Expired eTA or passport. With eTA being valid for 5 years as of the date of its approval, after a couple of years one can easily forget the date of the document’s expiration. If you will be travelling with a Canadian eTA, please print a copy and keep it with your passport. This way you won’t be confused over the passport you have to travel with or the expiration date of the online permit;
  • Itinerary that will be impossible to follow due to a shorter than expected stay in the country. The eTA is valid for five years and for multiple visits to Canada, with each visit lasting up to six months. The latter however is to be determined upon your arrival at the airport from the Canadian customs authorities. This means that you may be allowed to stay for six but also for two or three months only. The date of your departure from Canada will be stamped on the passport so you don’t miss it;
  • Travelling with an eTA for the wrong reason. The electronic travel authorization issued by the Canadian state authorities is valid for tourism, travelling in transit but also for business trips, short education courses, participating in an event, etc. One important note though – the eTA is not valid for the above-mentioned reasons if you will be paid for. You can attend a meeting or seek a business partner, or you can even play at a concert but if you will be paid for this, you will need a visa issued by the Canadian consular services. If you do not respect this, you will no longer be permitted to travel with an eTA and future visas will be harder to obtain;
  • Having less money that stated in your eTA application form. Indeed, the application form will ask you to choose the budget for your trip to Canada. If it turns out that you do not have sufficient funds to cover your stay, you will be asked to return home with the next flight.

In addition to the above advice, we would like to add the following – bring with you copies of all documents that you think will prove that you have a good reason to return to your home country – marriage certificate, labour contract, rental contract, etc.

Bon voyage to Canada!