Professional Etiquette: Basics to Dress Appropriately At Workplace

Anyone who’s working knows the struggle of dressing appropriately for the workplace. Be it business formals, business casuals, or even outfits that require PPE for workers, it’s a hectic task to look for suitable outfits.

You want to choose something that is comfortable and keeps you safe, and if possible, makes you look professional. That seems like a lot for just one dress! 

However, you might just find the sweet balance of all these criteria if you ace the basics. In this article, we talk about some basics on how to dress for your work, not just any work in general, for your work particularly!

Wear comfortable and suitable footwear

Whenever you look for footwear, make sure that comfort and workplace suitability is not sacrificed. No one wants to run around the whole day with aching toes and heels. To be on the safer side, understand your job role, and buy your work shoes accordingly. See if it involves too much of walking. Ask yourself whether you have frequent client meetings. If that is the case, you need comfortable yet trendy shoes, which aren’t too loud obviously but just right to make an impression.

However, if you work in an environment always surrounded by hazards, then you need to go for sturdy boots, which provide your toes with ample protection and your feet with ample grip.

Dress up neat and clean 

Dressing up neat and tidy is one of the most important rules of dressing for work. The clothes you wear to your office don’t just represent you, but to an outsider, they represent your company and its values as well. They also determine the sincerity and importance a worker lays in his work. Also, a shabby look creates an unprofessional behaviour that would not leave a good impression on the clients or the customers.

Don’t wear offensive graphics or text

As an employee, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you contribute to the upliftment of your team. However, wearing outfits with offensive graphics or rude text would not let you do the deed. If you pick a t-shirt or any piece of clothing, make sure that it doesn’t have any political, sexual or controversial graphics. Your outfits for work should be meaningful to the organization.

Prepare for PPE 

If your work involves exposure to biologically or chemically hazardous agents, you need to be prepared fr the dreaded with the right Personal Protective Equipment. PPE will minimize your exposure to hazards. It includes helmets, goggles, and clothing to protect the worker’s body from any kind of injury or infection. To buy clothes you can wear to your work and other PPE items of good quality, check out workwear hub

Avoid accessories that make noise

Yeah, we all love to stand out! Plus, we only want to be seen as someone pleasant, right? We are sure that bracelets and chunky earrings help a lot of people change their look and they feel like they are still keeping it minimal. The problem is the effect these accessories may have on the people we share our workplace with. They may perceive them as distracting. The shrill metal noises your bracelet makes every time you hit the desk isn’t therapeutic. The tick-tock sounds good when it’s from a watch and not from your heels. Your work fashion should be subtle, sophisticated, and devoid of potentially distracting pieces.

So, if you’re someone who is new to the workforce or a specific industry, you can rely on these basics of dressing appropriately for work, and in case of a doubt, you can always reach out to your HR for help.