Proper Pore Care Improves Their Appearance

We may not like to picture it, but our bodies are covered in a layer of hair that is thicker in some places than others. Our hairs grow out of follicles, the opening of which is called a pore. The pores on our face can be troublesome because these openings collect oil, sweat, pollution, and dirt from our bodies and from the environment, and this creates an unsightly clogged pore appearance that many of us are all too familiar with. This trapped debris and various impurities become a breeding ground for bacteria, and acne can also form.

It’s impossible to get rid of pores because they’re a natural and necessary part of your skin, but it is possible to take better care of them and reduce their appearance.

Firstly, don’t squeeze your pores or pick at them. This only encourages them to get worse when you consider the above scenario and then add irritating physical interference to it, especially when your hands aren’t 100% sterilized (which they never naturally are).

Pores can also stretch out more if you’re putting too much mechanical strain on them. It is natural for our skin to produce sebum and it needs to cleanly and clearly exit the skin. If our pores are blocked, the sebum gets clogged, and this is bad news for healthy skin and appearance. So, proper cleansing with quality products is essential.

Always wash your face morning and night, especially to remove make-up. Consider a brand that focuses on this skin issue and learn about Erno Laszlo beauty products that cleanse, refine pores, and treat acne.

Erno Laszlo’s Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse contains detoxifying cleansing beads that purify the skin and uses black charcoal to draw out the grime collected in the pores and washes away cleanly. Extra ingredients like fruit enzymes and kale protein smooth and nourish the skin’s surface. 

Erno Laszlo’s Detoxifying Bespoke Cleansing Set is a two-piece set that contains a cleansing oil (the non-pore-clogging type) and a sea mud deep cleansing bar. Minerals and charcoal draw out impurities and restore mineral content, and grapeseed oil increases circulation. Used in conjunction, this pair detoxifies the skin and leaves it smooth and clean.

Other ways to take care of pores includes wearing sunscreen. Sun damage thickens the skin as it tries to defend itself and this changes the appearance of delicate pores.

If your skin is oily, be sure to use products formulated specifically for you. Salicylic acid can dry out oily skin, but use with caution, because dry skin encourages as overproduction of sebum which can lead to acne. It’s best to spot-treat with drying applications as opposed to all-over.

Exfoliating can be helpful to remove dead skin cells and impurities. It’s necessary to use a gentle touch and to not over-exfoliated, as, again, this can aggravate the problem. Use gentle exfoliators designed to treat oily skin and pores. A chemical exfoliator could be the best for your situation. 

Always consult the instructions on products and look for specialty formulas aimed at improving the health of pores.