Serious style tips for guys to look great


Looking great isn’t rocket science, but it does take sticking to some basic rules. Most guys like to think they look great, but in reality, most have no idea. Learning a few basics will take your dressing style to the next level, in fact, for some guys? It will take it to the next planet. It is one of the most underrated things you can learn to do, to dress well. It will change your life in more ways than you could ever imagine. Here are a few starter points that will get you going. 

Who are you dressing for?

First, who are you trying to impress? Whether it is for a date, or a job, if you dress for the fairer sex, it will work for most areas of your life. Before you start thinking you will be showing up for a job interview in torn jeans and a tank top, we will clean that notion from your head right now. That might be what you think women want to see, but you are wrong. Style is what they want to see, style is what anyone wants to see. It will project a better you.

Be an adult first

Let’s start simple, graphic tees, hoodies, and torn jeans, are a no go. There is nothing wrong with jeans and a t-shirt, but take them to the adult level, no tears, patches, logos, not too baggy, not too narrow, keep them classic. You can wear jeans and a t-shirt or a suit and tie; it doesn’t matter, just make sure that it is simple, clean, pressed, and looks like you care about what you wear.

Keep it simple

There is an expression, clothing makes the man, but really, clothing is just a frame for who you are (or for who you wish to project you are). You want the clothing to enhance you, not take away from you. If you are wearing a puffy sleeved Copa Cabana shirt, nobody will even remember your face, just the shirt. Keep it simple. Don’t think that the flashy clothes will help you by taking away the attention, they won’t. They will just give you the wrong kind of attention. Keep it classic and simple.


A tailor is your best friend. Find a good one and stick with them. You might cry for the extra money that you are wasting, and when we say wasting we mean money that you must absolutely spend as it is worth every penny. In fact, if you think the word wasting was the right one? Then you really need to man up and look at yourself. A tailor will take you from Charlie Brown to James Bond. You can buy clothes off the rack, but you need to get it fitted and tailored. Those shirts with the extra waist on them can be fixed, get them taken in. The shirts where the sleeves are too long? Get them fixed. Have the clothes tailored to fit your specific body, not the average body that the clothing manufacturers make them for. It will be a life changer for you. 


Women notice shoes, so you need to make an extra effort and get good shoes. Whether it is a good pair of oxfords or a pair of canvas sneakers, they need to be clean and well kept. Gone are the days of wearing beat up old tennis shoes. Style is about detail, and shoes are an important detail.


Sunglasses are fine and can make a great style statement. You can look as cool as hell in them, providing they are basic sunglasses with good style. Get basic sunglasses and ask opinions for the look and fit of your face. As an important side note, learn the take them off. If you meet someone or are talking to someone, take the glasses off. You want people to see your eyes and it is unconsciously rude to wear them when you talk to people. If you take them off it also shows more respect, which will be appreciated. Put them in your pocket and not on the back of your head though, or cool will just turn to fool in a heartbeat. 

Keep jewelry basic

Don’t wear too much jewelry. Keep jewelry simple, a ring and a necklace is ok, and even a subdued ear stud, but “bling” is out. Bracelets are out unless you aren’t going to wear a watch (see next tip). If you wear a bracelet, keep it simple, and not a loose bracelet. 

Wear a watch

Even if you don’t need one, wear a watch. It will bump you to the next step of adulthood and style in many eyes. Deciding on what kind of watch to wear is another whole article, but if you only have one watch, keep it classic. Do not go for flashy, keep it subdued and strong. Wear a watch.


Find the right colors for you. Everyone has a different skin tone, hair color, and eyes. Finding the right colors for you is very important. This is hard to judge though, so your best bet is to pay for a fashion consultant if you can. Painful as that might be, you can get a color palette in that meeting and it will last you for life. If you don’t want to get professional assistance, you can also experiment. Ask ladies in the store what colors they think would look good on you. Don’t take their word as gospel, but it will give you a starting point. Don’t be afraid to play with colors as well, a bright yellow shirt can be amazing.

Attention to details

Attention to details is important. Make sure whatever you wear is clean, pressed (that means ironed for those of you just learning all this), and in good shape. No tears or stains. If you think “they will never notice it” you are wrong, go change, they will. That is what attention to detail means. 


What can we say, grooming is important. Put in guy terms, if you have a beat up car with dents and rust, and a cracked windshield, would you go out and get it painted with a hot paintjob? We think not. You would fix all the parts first and then when it’s painted it will look great. So wearing a great outfit will be the same. If your hair is messy, you haven’t shaved, haven’t showered, then that nice outfit will not do a damn thing. Attention to details. Get a good haircut, one that fits you. Make sure you are clean (a sniff test doesn’t count). Make sure you are well groomed and you will look showroom fresh.

It’s really not that hard to look great. Some people will always look better than others. The Brad Pitts of the world will always look good whatever they wear, but they don’t own it all. If you are well groomed, smell nice, and wear the right things, you will feel more confident and you will be surprised how far you just went up the ranks. You have to work with what you have so work it! You will never look back.