Shoes every guy should have for summer


Guys generally don’t care that much for what shoes they have, though they should. Most guys only seem to have a couple of pairs of shoes, and generally, they are the utility work shoes or some comfortable tennis shoes. For summer, we have put together a list of shoes that you need to have to cover you for any situation. Remember guys, women notice shoes, so it’s a good idea if you take some effort with yours. 


These are great for the beach or the pool but not really a good idea for anywhere else. They are the ultimate summer shoe though, easy on and off when you are ready for the water. We would suggest you change them before going out for the night though. When you buy flip-flops, buy decent ones, something with style. Avoid the ones you get in the drugstore as you are not going to impress anyone or look good in a cheap bright yellow pair of flip-flops. Treat them as real shoes and not just disposables. People will see the difference. You are not a child anymore. 


A good pair of sandals, assuming your feet are groomed and clean, are essential for summer. A nice pair of sandals look great with a nice pair of shorts. Whether long shorts or short ones, they are the best choice. You can wear sandals with jeans, but we don’t suggest it, stick to the shorts. 


Loafers are great all around shoes. They can be worn casually with jeans or with a button-down shirt and slacks. Make sure you get a lightweight and comfortably fitting pair and you will find yourself wearing them more than you would your tennis shoes. They are one of the most versatile shoes you need to have in your wardrobe.

Canvas sneakers

Canvas sneakers can go with so many things. They look great with jeans and can look very stylish without socks. Stick with the classics if you can, all white or black and white. The only downside is keeping them clean. It is a good idea to spray them with a stain and water repellent, like Scotchguard. That will help keep them clean, and you can use various cleaning techniques to fix any problems after that, but the repellent will make life a lot easier. 

Desert boots

Desert boots are basically hot weather boots. They were developed for the British soldiers when they were working in the hot desert. Desert boots will keep your feet cooler and well protected if you are going to do some hiking. They also can just look great with a nice pair of jeans for that fashion statement. 

Honorable mention

Oxfords and tennis shoes, while not exactly summer shoes, are all year round shoes. For formal you can’t get much better than oxfords, and for casual you can’t get much better than tennis shoes. Just make sure they are always clean and well taken care of and they will do you well. 

Summer is a great time, and having some great summer shoes can make all the difference. Wearing an awesome pair of sandals and shorts can make you feel like you are on vacation on a tropical island somewhere. Summer is all about lightweight and comfortable, and shoes are no exception.