5 Cool Things to do in Manchester, England

Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the UK and a great alternative option to London for tourists looking to explore more of this country. Manchester has a history driven by working class people and it was at the heart of the British Industrial Revolution. The changing face of industry and tourism has left Manchester a rich tapestry of culture which any type of tourist can enjoy. If you are traveling with friends, family or with your partner this is a great destination and even if you are traveling alone you’ll  have a great time and you could even use a great Manchester escort agency to find yourself some company if you are feeling a little lonely. Here are just some of the ways to enjoy your time in this northern city.


Football is life in Manchester and the city is split into the red of Manchester United and the blue of Manchester City. Both teams are world-famous and their stadiums are situated in the heart of the city. If you can make a game then you’ll be able to see just what this sport means to the people of Manchester. If you aren’t able to catch a game then you should try and get to the National Football museum which has hundreds of artifacts detailing the history of this sport.

Visit The Lowry

This beautiful quay-side building is home to the works of the artist LS Lowry, a prolific English painter who specialized in painting scenes of life in and around Salford and Lancashire. The building also houses a theater and collections from many modern day artists.

Music Scene

In the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s Manchester was the place to be for new music as the city faced struggles against conservatism. The result was amazing bands like The Stone Roses, The Smiths,  Joy Division, New Order and latterly bands like The Happy Mondays and of course Oasis. The music scene is still alive and kicking and there are venues throughout the city where you’ll find all genres of bands playing live.

Hit the Slopes

Manchester, much like the rest of the north does see its fair share of snow but the place to go and hit the slopes is actually the indoor center called Chill Factore. Here you’ll find a 180 meter slope which you can both ski and snowboard on. There is equipment hire too so you just need to turn up and off you go.

Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is one of Manchester’s trendiest neighborhoods and it is here where you’ll find lots of independent shops, art studios, record stores, cool bars, bohemian restaurants and the real cultural heartbeat of this city. The Northern Quarter makes for the perfect place to do some exploring of an afternoon and there is really something here for everyone.

Next time you hit the UK why not make the trip up to Manchester to see an altogether different side of this country?