Entertaining Yourself on a Business Trip

On the face of it jetting off for a business conference or event sounds like a great idea but in reality there can be a great deal of boredom involved. More often than not such events are held in out of town locations, usually hotels, where there are not many options for places to see or things to do to entertain yourself. Invariably these conferences result in you spending time in the hotel, waiting for the following day’s business dealings. Hitting the bar is always an option of course but negotiating a business meeting or conference with a hangover is not recommended at all. If you have such an event coming up, here is how to keep yourself entertained.


Whether you already have a healthy regime or not, this downtime can help you to either keep it up or get it started. Almost all hotels will have gym facilities, if not then you are sure to find one nearby. Instead of simply wasting your downtime a great idea to keep you feeling good is to go for a workout. Exercise releases feel good chemicals and will help you to stay stress-free and energetic during your business dealings.

Seeking Company

Instead of dining alone or bouncing around a hotel room on your own, why not look for the company of a beautiful woman to keep you entertained. On a recent trip to London I discovered that you could find escorts in Stratford at great prices and with a wide range of options. The process was very simple and within just a couple of hours I was enjoying a perfect evening with a woman who looked like a model. What better way to kill time!

Box Set

At first you may be planning to watch a whole load of movies during your downtime in the hotel but you know what it is like, when the time comes you don’t feel in the mood for certain movies and you end up spending hours simply looking. Instead of that plan ahead and download a TV box set which you are already enjoying. If you have already started watching it before you go then you can be sure that you’ll want to see more when you are there, and you can make the most of your time in the room by smashing a marathon session.


It may not sound like the most entertaining thing which you could be doing but it is worth taking this golden opportunity of peace and quiet to get some work done. When you are locked in your hotel room nobody will bother you with questions or for advice, just switch your phone to silent and make the most of this peaceful time, where you can get ahead on work. Work doesn’t feel so pressurized under these conditions and you’ll find that you get plenty done.

Plan ahead for your hotel time and you can make sure that the wait doesn’t have to be a boring one.