Botox for Businesswomen

The revolution we all found ourselves engulfed in yielded some extraordinary opportunities for women. It’s been a pure pleasure observing so many talented women break through, shattering the so-called glass ceiling. And even though there is still a lot of work to be done here in order to completely obliterate the very concept of the glass ceiling, we’ll all agree that quite a lot of progress has been made thus far and we all should keep up with the great work in order to ensure that every woman has an absolutely equal chance to reach the top. 

Over the past few decades, more and more women have been involved in starting up businesses as well as taking up some of the most challenging managerial position in already established companies all over the world. Being a businesswoman – as all know – assumes having many, many meetings. And it is absolutely true most of us wish to look as great as possible to leave indelible impression on the people involved. There are many ways to look great – for instance, wearing different great outfits, having fantastic hairstyles and so on. These are all easy to get but when it comes to our faces things get a bit tougher. 

Well, everyone at some point in their life has to face it – we all age, losing our great looks. It’s not easy at all to wake up in the morning and face a reflection in the mirror that is covered in wrinkles and other facial lines that come with age. This is a natural process but virtually everybody finds it extraordinarily difficult to cope with this transition. This affects many, many people of all genders and professions and women in business are not an exception. A lot of fantastic businesswomen have even reported feeling mildly to severely depressed when facing their age-related wrinkles. But the question we’d like to ask is this: does it make any sense to be sad about this at all? The answer? No, no, no! Why? Because of the scientific miracle we call Botox. 

Science has been developing at an unbelievable pace, creating – along the way – many beauty treatments that have made the issue of wrinkles obsolete. However, the most popular of all treatments is undoubtedly Botox due to the fact that it is extraordinarily effective and safe. Just think about it – around 11 million Americans have used Botox to smoothen wrinkles and other facial lines. 

Interestingly enough, Botox injections are easily accessible all around the world because the procedure itself is super popular. Let’s say, you are living in the Big Apple and are now considering some Botox NYC options. What can you do? Easy – just Google “Botox NYC” and get exposed to the many great Botox NYC clinics such as Miracle Face MedSpa that have great reviews left online by the many patients. 

If you are a businesswoman who wishes to rejuvenate her skin to look fantastic during her business-related meetings, you might want to consider Botox. But in order to make it super easy for you to make a decision as to whether Botox is what you are really ready to go for, we’d look into how it works, if it’s truly safe and how the injections are done. 

How does it work?

Botox is an injectable that contains the so-called Botulinum toxin. Many prospective patients wrongly think that this toxin spreads through their bodies. This is not true at all because Botox is injected into the problematic are and is forced to “be stuck” there. In other words, it is forced to remain in that area which means the risks of it spreading is virtually absent.  

Now, once Botox is injected, the substance at its heart freezes the muscles that are responsible for creating wrinkles as well as other lines. As can be clearly seen, Botox is a preventative measure, that is – it blocks muscles. This is the very reason why Botox is deemed a minimally invasive procedure – after all, the only way your body is invaded is through the tiny needle. 

Is it really safe?

By just looking into the mechanism behind how Botox works one can easily conclude it’s safe. But we’d love to give you more insights into why Botox is safe. 

Delving into its history, it’s needless to say that Botulinum toxin – as mentioned previously, this is the key substance behind Botox – was discovered two centuries ago. Yes, 200 years ago! A German doctor named Justinus Kerner was the one who accidentally bumped into Botulinum toxin. Years later, other scientists and doctors found a new use for it – that is, rejuvenating skin. But just think about it – this substance has been at doctors’ disposal for much too long for them not to be able to dissect it in and out. And they did! 

It’s also important to know that the most important public health institution in the United States of America – Food and Drug Administration (FDA) –greenlit Botox almost two decades ago – in 2002. The reason FDA concluded Botox is safe is because they performed a sizeable number of clinical trials that showed an unprecedented safety Botox has. 

How is it done?

Once you pick an accredited clinic with accredited doctors, it’s going to be super easy to get your Botox injections. The procedure is extraordinarily quick to administer – it takes around 10 minutes for the patient to receive their corresponding injections. These injections are nearly painless. They hurt no more than a mosquito bite would. However, if the patient is still scared of the injection, they can ask their doctor to apply numbing or coling creams which are going to make the entire procedure absolutely painless. 

As for the results, you are going to see thosewithin 24 to 48 hours following the injection. And these results are going to last for up to four months. Now, there can be a little bit of deviation in the amount of time Botox will do its miracle because of individual physiques and other factors such as how the procedure was administered by the doctor at the clinic you picked.