8 Groomsmen Attire Ideas Everyone Will Absolutely Love

Is it almost time for yuor wedding and you still haven’t decided on what the groomsmen are going to wear?

For brides, dresses tend to be chosen months (if not a full year) in advance. It’s a large purchase and there’s usually more attention to detail. For the groom and groomsmen, though, this can sometimes be a last-minute decision.

Whether you’re reaching your deadline or planning ahead, it’s your responsibility to figure out what your side of the wedding party is going to wear. Lucky for you, we have a few groomsmen attire ideas to get you started.

While every wedding is different, there’s sure to be something on this list that gives you inspiration. Keep reading for more tips on how to choose groomsmen attire.

1. (Almost) Matching Patterns

Whoever said that the groomsmen have to look boring? You don’t need to pick flat colors to look professional and clean.

We love a good pattern and there are plenty of ways to do them right.

You don’t want a full-body pattern effect unless you’re looking for a “loud” look. If the bridal party has a monochrome look, you might be able to get away with it. Instead, opt for just the tops, the pants, or the accessories to make sure you look clean and presentable (and that you don’t upstage the bride).

Balance is the goal here. If you pick a loud jacket, go for a more subtle vest, pants, and accessories. If you want almost-matching wedding tie sets, you can match the pocket but keep everything else muted.

We love the idea of loud vests that share one theme in different colors (like stripes or florals) while they’re still mostly hidden by the jacket.

2. The Gradient Effect

Looking for subtle differences in the groom’s party? We love a good gradient effect. The groom should be the lightest or the darkest while the groomsmen follow along in a monochrome gradient. They should stand in order while they’re at the altar and in pictures.

This is a great way to match without matching and each groomsman has a variety of choices so everyone can get a color that suits them.

3. Vintage Style

The modern groom is in a suit and tie. Why not change it up with vintage flair?

You can opt for vintage style hats, like bowlers or newsboy caps. You might want to try something cute and unique such as bowties and suspenders.

These things look classy while also fitting an elegant wedding theme. You can also match this look to the bride if she’s going for a vintage-style dress. Don’t limit yourself to the style restrictions of the 2020s!

4. Matching Undershirts

We’ve all seen those pictures. The groom’s party wears superhero shirts underneath their fancy clothes and reveals them for photos and the reception.

This doesn’t work for everyone. Make sure that everyone involved is okay with this choice (including the bride). It doesn’t scream “elegance” but it’s a fun choice.

You can also match undershirts in a more subtle way. You might get too hot in your jacket while you’re partying, so having a cooler option that you can all still match in is a great idea.

Consider choosing matching patterns, or shirts with things like “groom”, “best man” and “groomsman” on them. Your bride might choose to do the same with her party if the wedding is casual and the dresses are warm.

5. Cultural Representation

Do you want to have some form of representation of your culture at your wedding?

Not everyone has a strong tie to their cultural past, but if you do, why not represent it with the clothing at your wedding? Even if your groomsmen aren’t a part of your culture, you have the opportunity to share it with them.

For example, if your entire family is Scottish, having the men dress in kilts is a great way to represent that.

6. Classic Black and White

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

We find that sometimes when men choose bright colors for their suits or accessories it can look too loud next to a bride in a classic white or champagne dress. Instead, stick with the black suit and white tie look for an elegant and monochrome look.

It might not be the most exciting, but it will look wonderful in pictures and you’ll ensure that you won’t cringe at the color combination in the future if you decide that those colors aren’t your favorite anymore.

7. Complimentary Colors

Choosing colors that compliment the color of the groom’s outfit is a great way to make the groomsmen aesthetically pleasing. Use a color wheel to see what colors complement each other.

The bridal party may do the same (though if the bride is in white, this will put them in black) or you can choose to have them match the colors of the groomsmen.

8. Matching Colors, Mismatched Styles

Not every man loves the way they look in suits. Why restrict your groomsmen?

It’s become popular to let the bridal party each choose their own style of dress within a similar color scheme. Let the men do this too (within reason).

For example, if one man is more comfortable with suspenders and no jacket, the suspenders or undershirt can match the rest of the groomsmen. If one is interested in a vest with no jacket, they’ll fit into the crowd as well.

This lets the party look cohesive without being identical.

We Love These Groomsmen Attire Ideas

Whether you’re going for a fun and quirky wedding party or you’re comfortable with something more classic, there are groomsmen attire ideas for everyone. Depending on the number of groomsmen, some of these will work better than others. Pick what works for you and your wedding party.

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