9 Styling Tips For Looking Great As a Bride

We must admit that planning a wedding needs a real plan and is not something you can prepare in a week. It is something you need to plan for months to ensure a seamless and memorable day. First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

With the groom already prepared for the wedding with oxfords or brogues and some sophisticated suit, as the bride, you need to match up to the groom. The equation has to balance. What type of wedding gown are you going to wear, what shoes have you settled on? Is it Louboutin Follies Strass, Emmy London Victoria Heels or Valentino Rockstud Pump? Well, you need to match up to the groom’s outfit or even go over and beyond.

Here are 9 styling tips to look as good as the groom.

1. The hair

How do you plan to make your hair? You must think about your hairdo. Open hairdos give you a hard time. If possible, avoid them. Have your hair made in an accessorized bun or a messy bun, whatever works for you, especially if you have long hair.

Ponytails are also great and are quite trendy. Try looking up different styles that could work for your head shape.

2. Ring

A wedding ring is something that you may wear for life so it needs to be well-thought of. Make sure you choose something that fits you both well and something for the long term. For example, diamond wedding bands are classic and ones that you’d naturally be comfortable wearing even after 30 years.

3. Makeup

Makeup is a vital aspect of your special day. It is a lifetime event that hopefully, you get to experience only once. You need to look fantastic and most especially for the photos. To avoid bleeding makeup or any transfers to your gown, you need to choose waterproof products and those that give a matte finish.

Another tip is to get makeup designed for your skin type. If you have oily skin, get makeup designed for your skin. Also, choose your makeup look depending on the season. For summer, try going minimal and opt for light makeup.

4. Jewelry

In as much as your wedding ring is what will steal the show, you also need a few pieces of jewelry to complete the whole look. The choice you make matters a lot. You don’t need heavy jewelry for you to look good. The weight that comes with it may make you feel uncomfortable the whole day and end up not enjoy your special day.

Get smaller pieces that are light or even not wear any at all. Avoid large expressive earrings because your face should be the primary focus. Just get statement pieces that come to complement your overall look.

5. Shoes

Whether you are wearing a floor-length wedding gown, you also need to invest in shoes; they’ll make you feel good about everything. If you want to make a bold statement, then go for it. It’s your day, and you should be able to choose what you want.

The shoes don’t necessarily need to be white bridal shoes; you can do brown or royal blue, whatever will complement your look.

Also, consider the venue the wedding will be before you pick out your shoes. Stilettos are not ideal for a beach wedding.

6. Outfit change

One of the biggest trends that are here to stay is having an outfit change. You may want to consider getting a wedding gown and another outfit for the reception. However, nowadays, you can have an outfit change without necessarily changing the entire outfit. You can consider having a gown with a removable capelet.

The idea is creating a different look. You can even change up your hairstyle in the evening.

7. Gown

The gown is something you need to shop around thoroughly. Look for something that brings out your personality. If you love going all out with outfits, then get one that tells it. If you like simplicity, get a simple but unique one.

8. Flowers

What type of bouquet are you considering? Posy, cascade, nosegay, or hand-tied ones? The list of different scents is quite extensive. Get what will complement your whole look.

9. Be yourself

Even as you look into the gown, shoes, makeup, and everything that makes the whole look fashionable, don’t forget to be true to yourself. Go for a look that’s your style. Just appeal to your senses as this makes the whole day much more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

The above nine tips should help you look as good as the groom. Don’t forget to go for the right poses as they will make your photos look great.