Declutter Your Makeup Bag Today

Makeup Bag

It’s time to Marie Kondo your makeup bag. If your makeup bag has become a mess of broken eyebrow pencils, crushed blush remnants and smeared foundation, it’s time to do a purge.

Makeup Bag

Decluttering isn’t only about tossing out the items that you should’ve thrown out months ago. It’s also about organizing your makeup bag in a way that will keep your products organized and prevent them from crumbling and getting lost.

No one likes when they lose the cap to their favourite lipstick that has been discontinued. When you finally do a big purge of those old, crumbling makeup products, here are some tips to help you declutter and re-organize your makeup case:

Use the Right Case

It’s easy for your makeup bag to get cluttered when you just don’t have enough room in it for all of your things. If you are doing a big declutter, a good idea is to re-evaluate what size of makeup case your collection needs. It’s also important to note any organizational compartments that you may need for neater makeup storage.

Individual Product Cases

Clutter isn’t just about having too many things — it’s also about your things being disorganized and not protected. Let’s be honest, your makeup is too precious — and expensive — to store carelessly.

Instead of tossing things into your makeup case, try using Paul & Joe Beaute makeup products like their compact cases and protectors that will encase your favourite items and keep everything neat and tidy.

Paul & Joe’s makeup line is full of cases to protect your makeup. Invest in cases for your foundation, lipstick, powder — you name it. They will keep your makeup case from getting cluttered by broken lipsticks or palettes that have lost their cover.

Ditch Broken Products

What exactly is the point of holding on to powder that has broken into pieces? Half broken lipsticks, crumbled powders, eye pencils without proper lids — these all have to go. They are making a mess of your makeup bag and will probably make a mess of your face too. It’s dramatic, but it’s true.

Makeup Bag

Invest in Multi-Purpose Items

Opting for multi-purpose items like a duo-stick eliminates the number of items in your bag and allows you to narrow down your makeup collection to a handful of useful items you will use every day.

Examine Product’s Lifespan

Yes, makeup expires — why put something on your face that’s gone bad? It’s a good idea to go through your makeup bag every few months to see what products aren’t good anymore. It’s important to identify when your makeup is expired.

According to Readers Digest, the lifespan of liquid foundation is roughly 12 months, and mascara and eyeliners typically only last a few months.

Plus, the longer you have a makeup product, the more bacteria will build — is bacteria really something you want to put onto your face? That aside, the longer you have makeup, the less it works; pigments are not as strong, and these items just end up wasting space.

It’s important to throw out makeup as it expires and keep things organized so that you don’t waste the makeup you value and use regularly. Declutter your makeup bag today!