Eric Wetlaufer on Keeping Your Girl Happy

Are you doing all that you can to make sure that your girlfriend is happy? Many of us may think so but in many cases the truth can tell a different story. My good friend Eric Wetlaufer has been with his partner for over 6 years now and she always tells me and my buddy Frank just how amazing Eric is, whiners they come to see us in Wesson. I wanted to get some tips from my biddy on what he thinks is important to making the women in our lives as happy as we can, and here is what he had to say.


Eric says that many people think they must be in constant communication with their partners to tell them how much they love them, but over-communication can lead to having little to say when they meet. Eric and his girlfriend will send the odd text or email to each other but they generally don’t talk throughout the day, preferring to have a good chat about the day when they see each other at night.


Something else which Eric believes is vital to a healthy relationship is that you listen when your partner is talking, even if you don’t care what they are talking about. In Eric’s eyes he and his partner are a team and so anything that she wants to talk about thats bothering her, is certainly his concern.


Something which Eric places great importance on is fidelity and throughout the relationship with he and his partner have been completely loyal to one another. Admittedly Eric has received advances from women through the years which he has always declined and says that he has never once been tempted to keep different company. Eric believes that if you court someone or enter into a relationship with them, then you must be exclusively with that person.

Staying You

Eric also stresses the importance of being yourself throughout the relationship and not changing your character too much. Many men do this because they think that they should be something that they are not for their girlfriend. As Eric rightly says however, your girlfriend is with you because of who you are and she won’t want someone who is different to the person that she met.


Eric is someone that pays particular attention to the details in his relationship and he says that this is the best way to keep letting his girlfriend know that he loves and respects her. Remembering dates, buying small gifts and doing things around the home are all small details which Eric likes to focus on, in order to put a smile on his partner’s face. In his view too many men forget the details and that is why many women will get frustrated with their partner.

Eric is not only a great boyfriend but he also expects a lot from his partner too, they have created an equal balance which is very clear to see.