Fashion mistakes for women that you might not even think about

We have all heard various bits of advice on fashion, such as stripes and solids, and a ton of other basics, but there are a lot of things that we take for granted and don’t really think about. We really know better, but we try not to pay attention to them and gloss over it as we don’t want to have to deal. Well, it’s time to deal. There are many more than on this list, but we decided that this was a good start to get your head in the right place to fix things. Remember the devils in the details. 

Hem height 

Make sure those slacks are hemmed right. When you wore them in the dressing room they looked great, but you didn’t’ have your 4-inch pumps on then. When you go shopping, bring the shoes you will wear with you, or go get them hemmed later with the shoes. You usually want the hem to just touch the top of your foot. Match the hem to the shoes. If you later decide to wear those slacks with some flats, it will definitely not work. So pick the shoes and the slacks and stick to them. 


Find the right pair of jeans for your body type. There are so many types of jeans to choose from these days that it’s almost overwhelming. It’s worth making the extra effort though and finding the right style and fit for you. If you can get some professional advice, please do so, as it will only help you in the future. Once you know the make and model of the jeans that are perfect for you, you will never have to think about it again. We also suggest taking the jeans to a tailor if they are not a perfect fit (and let’s be honest, how often are they really). Have the waist taken in to where it is right for you. If you have to go through calisthenics to get them buttoned, then you are wearing the wrong jeans. Tight is fine, but if you get them tailored, you will not have to suffer and life will look a lot rosier. 

Hand wash? Suuuure…

We have all bought things that we love and end up never wearing because of special washing instructions. How often do you really hand wash things, and when you do, are you in a hurry to wear it again? The best bet is to pick things based on your washing profile. If you aren’t going to hand wash, then never buy something that needs to be Hand washed no matter how cool it looks. If you aren’t going to take things to the dry cleaners, the same applies. Just buy wash and wear. However, if you want to be stylish and wear some awesome things, you better be willing to make the effort to take things to the dry cleaners? Otherwise why are you even reading this!

Know your shape and dress for it

Knowing your shape and dressing the right way for it is important. If you are heavier on top, or on the bottom you need to dress a little different to balance things out. You want to look the best you can, and that means knowing your body and how it really is. We suggest again, as we do often, hire a fashion consultant for an hour or 2 and go through what they think will work for you. It is very educational and having a professional’s eye takes a lot of the sting out of things. It will also last you a very long time, so the pain of the expense will be cheap for the results you will get over time. 

Upgrade your buttons

A simple trick for buying cheap jackets and blouses and making them look higher end, is change the buttons. Instead of the cheap plastic buttons that it might come with it, go for something interesting and flashy. Buttons are a fashion accessory too, one that people forget about. 

Well-fitting bra (and panties)

We all know this, but we try and pay no attention. You have gained weight perhaps and you are still wearing the same bra size and panty size you did when you were slimmer. There is nothing less attractive, or healthy, then deep bra and panty lines. You need to get fitted professionally for a bra at least once a year. Your fashion sense will thank you and your health will thank you. It will mean you will have to chow down and buy a new bra that fits and pack the old ones away, but trust us, it is more than worth it, so just do it. 

High heels

If you don’t wear high heels much, learn how to walk in them. A woman walking in high heels that never wears them and doesn’t know how to walk in them is not going to look good. You are not supposed to be walking on your heels; everything is on your toes. This emphasizes the calves and lengthens your legs, making them look more attractive. If you are clumping along like you are wearing army boots, those fancy stilettos are going to waste. 

The wrong bag can crash it all

You might hate moving all your things from one bag to another each time you go out, but using the same bag for all outfits will just not work. You might look amazing in that red dress, but carrying that beat up blue bag that you always carry will suddenly make you look like a thrift shop. Choose a bag that matches your outfit, it is an accessory and will make a huge difference. 

Don’t overdo the jewelry

Jewelry is there to emphasize you, not to take over from you. A sparkly necklace is to draw attention to your chest, dangling earrings to the side of your neck, studs to your ears, etc. They are there to frame you and bring all eyes to you. You don’t want those eyes blinded by looking like a jewelry case exploded. Wear things that match your outfit and what event you are at. When in doubt, go a bit more subdued. 

Keep your makeup up to date

Makeup styles change over the years. This tip is more for the older ladies, as the younger ones are always experimenting. You probably have been applying the same makeup and techniques that you have used for years. You found what works for you and stick to it. Unfortunately, this can leave you behind the times. If you remember at one point people shaved their eyebrows and drew a thin high curving line instead. You can still see that in some of the seniors, is that still in style? No, it just looks strange to us these days. So when looking at what the fashions are today, make sure makeup is included, and move with the times. Makeup shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to upgrading your sense of style.

These are just a few things that you should remember. Some more obvious than others, but often they are things we don’t really think about anymore. Sometimes it’s important to go back to the well and check everything out with an unprejudiced eye. If you can’t do it, hire a professional that can, it will be well worth the money spent. You want to look the best you can, and you need to cover all the details down to the smallest thing. Don’t just brush it off and say its ok or you have been that way for years. If you want to turn heads for the right reason, then read our list and see if you are a victim of any of the tips. We wish you the best of style.