How To Buy The Best Liquid For Your Vaporizer?

Smoking triggers a peevish displeasure amongst the non-smokers. Even some smokers who have found themselves thrust into addiction believe that they are committing heresy, and that guilts them up along with winds of regrets and health concerns. 

So, we see that most smokers want to quit, but they are just exaggeratedly tangled into the clutches of addiction that makes it extremely difficult for them to go clean of nicotine. But is it possible to overcome smoking addiction at lower health leverages and extreme measures? Well, the answer is yes, there exists a method that would not let your quest for going smoke-free be futile, and that method is what we call vaping. Vaping, a smoker’s initial pavement to de-addiction. So what is it about vaping that has commercialized it as an absolute de-addiction tool? 

Vaping: A Pathway to Combat Smoking Addiction 

Vaping has emerged to be an infamous substitute for cigarettes. Vaping hit peaks of controversies in the early 2000s when many intellectuals claimed it to be a fool’s gold, like a cigarette for the rich. But, speculations have proved that though vaping is not entirely safe but still a better alternative to cigarettes that smokers tend to puff one after another. 

Vaping is simply referred to as an e-cigarette that uses a device called a vaporizer, which creates vapors of the e-liquid to provide you with an authentic smoking experience but at lower health risks. 

If we talk about vaping experiences, the thrill lies entirely on the quality of your vaporizer and your e-liquid. When it comes to a vaporizer, we can generalize the category into: the SOC Portable E-Nail Kit from Vape Shop. But when we talk of liquids, they can indeed not be fragmented into varieties or lists because different people have different preferences, and that’s the reason why we created the e-liquid purchasing guide instead of listing you some e-liquid suggestions. So here are a few tips you must consider before getting yourself an e-liquid. 

The ratio of Liquid Component Matters 

Your e-liquid consists of four main components: 

  • nicotine, not in case of zero mg liquids 
  • Liquid flavoring,
  • VG(vegetable glycerin) 
  • PG(propylene glycol). 

All of us are aware of nicotine and flavors, but what are PG and VG? So, PG is a substance that enhances flavor, thin the liquid, and besides this, it creates the much famous vaping throat hit. And VG, on the other hand, is a dense liquid that produces viscosity and hits the flavor right in your throat, but its fundamental function is to create the vapors or smoke clouds encircling around you during vaping. 

Thereby it becomes essential for you to decipher the constituents. If you want to own a vaping device that clouds around smoke rings, then definitely go for the one that has a higher ratio of VG. But if you are one of those people who prefer an excellent flavor kick, to satiate your nicotine requirements along with enhanced flavors,  choose a vaping device with a higher content of PG. 

Choose Your Flavor Preferences Wisely 

Flavors add value to smoking. There are many flavors in the market, but the menthol flavors are a great place to start. But the flavor choice is entirely your decision. You could go with any flavor that excites you. 

You should know that the strength of your flavor is strongly affected by the kind of device you use. The more powerful the device is, the more flavor hits you are likely to experience. 

Choosing the Nicotine Strength 

This is the most critical part, especially when you are a beginner.  If you are a beginner, you are recommended not to overstep the boundary of 6 mg of nicotine. 6 mg of nicotine generally translates to 6 milligrams of nicotine per milliliters in your liquid.

Everyone possesses different nicotine strength preferences, so all we can give is a general amount based on average statistics. 

  • The highest end of a nicotine scale is 20 mg, 
  • The lowest strength you could get is 1.5 mg. 
  • If you’re a heavy smoker, then 18-20 mg is an adequate amount for you. 
  • But if you’re not a heavy smoker, all you need is a meager amount of 1-4 mg.