How to Reset in a Healthy Way

Every day we try our best to both look and feel great. In order to accomplish this, many people will work on improving their diet and level of exercise. However, there are also other things that affect our overall health. Emotional, physical, and mental health are critical factors when it comes to living a life that’s healthy, but there are times when life itself gets in the way. Let’s take a quick look at how to be healthy about resetting ourselves.




When it comes to ridding your body of a variety of toxins that accumulate over time and assisting our gastrointestinal tract, a 7 day cleanse can work wonders. These gentle cleanses can assist with things like boosting your immune system, supporting healthy bones, allowing you to sleep more soundly, and increasing your energy levels.




Metabolism is critical to your health, and as we age, it can slow down. One way to combat this is to manage your stress levels. This is essential for the health of both your body and your mind. When you’re overwhelmed by stress, your body can react with a release of hormones called cortisol and epinephrine in response. This can make you feel as if you’re hungry while you’re simultaneously burning your calories as your body compensates for the stress. For this reason, finding ways to relieve stress that work well for you is important.


Another way to combat a slowing metabolism is to drink plenty of water. Water is critical to our overall health and to our survival itself. It’s recommended that we drink a minimum of 64 ounces each day of water, which is the equivalent of about a half-gallon.


Circadian Clock


Getting enough sleep is also important. Sometimes our circadian clock gets out of whack, and we need to reset it. One way to do this is to manipulate the lighting. Exposure to light can cue our body to wake up as well as when it’s time to go to sleep. This means that it’s natural for us to follow the natural light of nature. Manipulating our exposure to light, by doing things like adding more light or doing the opposite and dimming them in the room where we sleep can assist with resetting our sleep clock to normalize the circadian rhythm so that your body will adjust naturally. 




Hormones play a massive role in the functionality of our bodies. They control our metabolic rate, our emotions, and can trigger certain cues and signals to our brains, like the response for fight or flight, that allow us to function. If you need to reset your hormones, there are a few ways to go about it.


One thing you can do is to cut down on the starches and sweets you ingest. Too many of these things can have a detrimental effect on the hormones. Cut back a bit and see how you feel. Carbs can also be detrimental. Cut back on things like high sugar fruits, legumes, and grains. This will work especially well for those who are dependent on insulin or if your body can’t break down certain types of carbs. 


Finally, it can’t be stressed enough that you need to relax. Just as stress affects your metabolism, it can also have negative effects on your hormones. When your body gets overwhelmed by stress, your hormone levels can skyrocket to levels that are off the charts. Try doing things like meditating, stretching, or yoga to unwind and blow off a bit of steam. You’ll be surprised at how relieving just a little bit of stress can make you feel so much better.