How to Care for your Composite Decking

If you are lucky enough to have purchased your decking from Dino Decking or perhaps another retailer you may be wondering how to care for it. Composite decking is a very attractive type of decking that will look good in almost any garden. You could also use composite decking to surround your caravan too.

Keeping your decking attractive over the years may seem like something of a feat but it can be done. A bit of maintenance from time to time will ensure your decking will look good for many years. The good news is that looking after your decking is not complicated and it doesn’t take much time.

How to Clean your Decking

Cleaning your decking is very simply. You can keep it looking good by cleaning it regularly. I would recommend cleaning your decking at least three to four times a month during the summer months and perhaps once every month in the winter.

One of the best things you can do for your decking is to clean it at least two to three times a month during the summer. This is because you’re more likely to use your decking in the summer. Barbecues, parties and sitting out to enjoy the evening sun will all take a bit of toll on your decking. A quick clean with a stiff brush should take away any dirt.

– Autumn Care

In the autumn you should brush away any leaves that fall onto your decking. If you leave a lot of leaves on your decking and let them pile up they will start to rot. Therefore, you should brush the leaves off at least once a week.

Using a stiff broom, sweep away any dirt or debris and you’re likely to find that it looks cleaner already. If there are a few stains that you think don’t need any particular form of treatment use some soap and water. Take a stiff brush and scrub away at the dirt but not too hard.

Do not use a pressure washer to clean your decking as it will damage it. While you may not be able to see any damage at first once the water has dried you’ll notice lines in the decking. If you wish to use water please use water from a watering can or clean your decking with a sponge and some hot water.

Specialist Composite Decking Cleaner

You can buy some specialist composite decking cleaner should you wish to. While this type of decking is usually fade-resistant, it may fade a little over time. A composite decking cleaner can be purchased to ensure the wood is cleaned thoroughly. Some products can be used directly from the bottle and will not harm the environment. If you do decide to use a composite decking cleaner please make sure you always follow the instructions. Please make sure you always rise your decking with clean water once you’ve finished cleaning it.

Preserving your Decking

Even the very best composite decking cleaner will not reverse all of the strain that Mother Nature has put on it. Your new decking will be exposed to sunlight, rain, wind, dirt, leaves and so much more. What’s more is if your decking is walked upon many times every day it will need to be preserved so it stays in top conditions.

What’s more is repeated exposure to a lot of water and changing temperatures could cause your decking to crack and become weak. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure it stays looking good.

– Using a Sealant

Use a specialist composite decking cleaner as suggested above, and consider using a sealant. Any sealant will help to protect your decking against the weather. Composite decking has been manufactured to withstand all that nature throws at it which means you don’t have to use a preservative. If you do choose to use a stain-repellant and waterproof treatment please make sure it’s water-based. A water-based product will be safer for the environment than those that are not water-based.

A deck stain will help to protect the decking while sealing it against the elements. A stain is also likely to restore the colour if it had faded. Occasionally and depending on what product you use you will only need to apply one coat.

Composite decking is one of the easiest types of decking to look after. Many other types of decking need to be cleaned using chemicals and staining products. You do not have to use chemicals on your composite decking unless you really want to. A quick sweep with a stiff brush and the occasional use of water should do the job quite nicely.

Caring for your composite decking is very easy, so take care of it and it will last for at least 15 years.