Keep the distance and the fun with the family

With the world on lockdown, it’s hard to think of things to do whilst in the house all day. It’s even harder if you are separated from your family, particularly for those with children or parents that you cannot see. But there are a number of ways in which you can still have fun with your family, albeit at a distance.


Zoom has sprung up out of nowhere as the number one method of keeping in touch with friends and family. And, the possibilities are endless in keeping yourselves entertained. Host a quiz using Zapier or even play bingo together on Ted Bingo as the competitive edge reignites those traditional family moments (and arguments!).


Everyone loves a quiz, right? Well if you want to get one over on your family or just want to pass the time away, quizzing is often the main tonic. Compete with children, adults and grandparents as each generation knows something different to make the end result an interesting one.

Of course, whatever you do, ensure the quiz questions are from a broad church or cries of ‘cheating’ will undoubtedly be heard over the live stream. A good swathe of knowledge will be required, as will the understanding of just which generation you are from.


With Zoom enabling a full family live show, playing old-school charades could well entertain everyone for hours at a time. Watch out for the two-word symbol, the TV or film gesture or the hilarious acting of the title as your family tries – mostly in vain – to guess what you are mimicking.


Love it or hate it, karaoke has its place within the family for hilarity and with Zoom providing the platform, karaoke can be done to your heart’s content.. Listening to your parents wail out the chorus of Thorn in My Side by Eurythmics whilst pointing at each other will always go down well as will grandma and grandad’s rendition of Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again, though the latter may well produce tears for a wholly different reason. Of course if the kids are about, Baby Shark could be shouted from the rooftops too; you have been warned.

Talent show

Everyone loves showing off at some point in their life. And, for the family, a game of one-upmanship will always see the competitive side come out once again. The mother singing into a hairbrush, the dad telling awful yet hilarious jokes and the grandparents slow-dancing will always be a hit.

Plus, it’s always something to look back on in years to come when the world is back to some kind of relative normality when questions of “can you remember when mum sang that song to everyone?”