Plastic Surgeon’s Guide: Here’s What to Expect From Your Facelift Procedure!

As you get older, it’s normal that you consider a facelift Newport Beach procedure. When done properly, such an intervention can seriously improve the appearance of:

  • Wrinkles;
  • Age spots;
  • Fine lines;
  • Saggy skin;

And so many other little imperfections that are common as you age. All these things can cause more or less serious issues for your self-confidence, which is why many people consider plastic surgery as a means for improvement. In this article, we’ll let you know what to expect from your facelift procedure.

  1. Facelift is a great method to improve your appearance… but it’s not magic.

You’ve probably heard it said that a skilled surgeon can easily turn back the hands of time and get you looking a good 10 to 15 years younger. And that’s true! A good plastic surgeon can do just that. However, if you go into your facelift procedure expecting every last “imperfection” to magically vanish from your skin, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

A facelift operation will remove a significant amount of the aging signs that are bothering you, but it would be unnatural if it removed them down to the last one. Instead, your surgeon will probably walk you through additional options, such as Botox fillers, or a proper skincare routine, to get your face to the desired appearance.

  1. Facelift should look natural, not wind-tunnel.

Back in the early days of plastic surgery, the people who got facelifts almost always ended up with that unnatural wind tunnel look. Now, some wore it better than others, but it almost always let the world around them know that they’d had work done.

Nowadays, as the world of plastic surgery has made significant advances in technology and technique, you no longer need to worry about that wind tunnel effect. Now, a proper facelift should leave you looking better, but still natural.

  1. In general, facelifts are all about the lower half of the face.

Usually, a face lift procedure will improve the appearance of your jawline, cheeks and neck, rather than that of the eyes and forehead. For those, your doctor may prescribe a brow lift, or eyelid surgery.

Now, many people use these terms interchangeably and assume that facelifts correct the entire face. It’s important that you get your terms clear before you go for an initial consultation, so as to avoid disappointment. Also, if you’re unsure which procedure might be best for you, your plastic surgeon can help you decide.

  1. Non-surgical procedures aren’t surgeries.

Yep, that might sound a bit like a no-brainer, but you’ll hear a lot about non-surgical facelifts. These usually include Botox, fillers, and other such treatments. And while these can definitely improve the appearance of your face as well, they are not technically considered face lifts. Again, a skilled plastic surgeon can help you determine which procedure is best for you, if you are still unsure.

  1. The smaller the incisions, the smaller the results.

Naturally,you’ll want minimal incisions, so as to minimize the scarring from your facelift. However, the size of your incisions will be directly related to the “damage” you want to fix. The smaller your incisions are, the less noticeable the results of your surgery. And while that may be a good idea for younger patients, you may necessitate larger incisions, depending on your age, genes, and so on.