Simple Solutions For a More Functional Yet Stylish Family Room

The family room is a commonly used space in your home. It’s where you and your loved ones gather to do everything from watching TV and playing video games to complete homework and hosting gatherings. Serving as a multi-purpose room where everyone spends most of their time, creating a family room that is both stylish and comfortable, is ideal. If you’re not sure how to accomplish this, the below tips are sure to come in handy. 


Less is More


Things like furniture, toys, clothes, shoes, and mail accumulate over time, making the family room look smaller and taking away the aesthetic appeal. If you want to improve your living space’s functionality and style, you should keep the less is more concept in mind. You can start by walking around the room and getting rid of anything you don’t have a use for. They can be donated to charity, placed in another part of the room, relocated to a storage unit, or sold online for extra cash. 


Create Designated Areas


Another simple solution to improving the functionality of your family room is to create designated areas. Segmenting the room off to be used for different activities can help keep things organized. You might create a play area for children by placing their toys and books in storage containers or shelves in the corner. The space for watching tv and movies can include a comfortable couch and chairs, side tables, floor or table lamps, and a flat-screen supported by a tv wall mount. If your family room also serves as a space for work or study, adding a desk, chair, and computer or laptop can make it more efficient.  


Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint


Updating your family room (or any room in your home) can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint. Changing the color not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but can be instrumental in improving your mood. If you can’t afford to paint the entire family room, there’s also the option to paint one wall to make the focal point.


Invest in Multi-Purpose Furniture


Whether you’re trying to conserve space or enhance your family room’s function, multi-purpose furniture provides an effective solution. Couches that fold down into beds, for example, are ideal when hosting guests or family sleepovers. Newer ottomans have compartments for storing everything from the tv remote to magazines and books. Depending on your needs, there are several multi-purpose items you can purchase to free up space and enhance the overall look and function of your family room. 


Get Creative With Bare Walls


Just as accessories help make a basic outfit stand out, home decor items add style and personality to bare walls. Break up the monotony in your family room by getting creative with wall art and design. You can apply textured or patterned wallpaper, add family photographs, display artwork, or hang things like mirrors, clocks, shelves, plates, and more to give your family room a more stylish appearance. 


Incorporate Home Decor


Last but not least, incorporate some home decor pieces in your family room design. You can place candles, vases, plants, or other decorative accessories on side tables. Area rugs are great for dividing designated spaces and adding another layer of texture to the living space. Throw pillows and blankets add comfort while also bringing out the best features in your family room. New window treatments like blinds, shades, sheers, and drapes improve the style and allow better access to natural lighting. 


Whether your family room is no longer serving its purpose or merely looking to update the aesthetic appeal and function of your living space, a few adjustments can make a significant difference. The suggestions mentioned above make it easier to maximize your space without compromising style and comfort. With a bit of time, money, and creativity, you can transform your family room into a space everyone can appreciate.