Things to Do After Accepting a Wedding Proposal

Saying yes to a wedding proposal is a significant decision. You might also say yes because you got carried away with the moment. These are the things you should do after accepting your boyfriend’s proposal.

Process your emotions again

Take the time to process how you feel after saying yes. You should be confident of your decision, and not only because you feel overwhelmed. Ask yourself if it’s the path you wish to pursue and if you’re happy with it. If you keep telling yourself that you can’t marry this person yet, don’t pursue the wedding. You better stop it now while you didn’t take the next steps yet.

Ask him to replace the ring

Check your engagement ring again and see if it fits. If there are issues with the size, ask your partner to request for adjustments. You might also ask for the replacement of the ring if it’s not suitable with your personality. Don’t worry since it’s easy to sell an engagement ring. Your partner can use the amount from the sale to buy a new one. 

Express your love for him

If you always longed to get married and you’re happy that he asked, express your gratitude. It was also a challenging decision for him, but he pursued it anyway. Buy him a present or leave a thank you note. It’s enough to show how much you appreciate the gesture for now. 

Talk to your family

Let your family members know about the decision. You want them to be a part of this journey. They’re also looking forward to the day that you will finally get married. Your parents might also want to get involved in planning the wedding. While you will have the final decision, it’s good that they want to take part. 

Plan to spend more time together 

Getting engaged is a significant step forward, but it’s only just the beginning. You still have more to do to strengthen the relationship. After the proposal, spend more time together and get to know each other. It’s not necessarily about the wedding plan. You want to see how compatible you are as you decided to take your relationship to the next level. You can still change your mind if you felt that you don’t have the right person to spend the rest of your life with. The purpose of getting engaged is to get to know each other deeper. Getting married isn’t always a guarantee.

Determine the wedding details 

After the excitement of the engagement begins to subside, it might be time to talk about the wedding. Look into the details and start making reservations. Finalize the date first and work on a realistic timeline. You must go through this process together. You don’t want your partner to feel excited about getting engaged, but not do anything as you plan to tie the knot. There’s still a long way to go. 

There’s nothing wrong with getting excited about the engagement. However, once the emotions subside, it’s time to take the next steps. Don’t forget to enjoy the whole journey.