Things to wear if you want to look clueless

Some guys are pretty clueless when it comes to fashion, just ask any woman. Of course we know that YOU are not clueless, you are always fashionable, and we can have a good laugh at all the clueless things that other guys wear. However, if you find yourself wearing anything on this list? You better take a good look at yourself and be ashamed. (Not really ashamed, but really, stop wearing it).

Socks with sandals 

Unless you are a German tourist, please do not wear socks with your sandals. If your feet are not the most attractive and you feel you have to cover them up with socks? Then best you do not wear sandals at all. We know they are comfortable with socks, but just don’t do it. The eye rolls that some women will give you might be so strong that it might injure them, and we don’t want that do we? 

Popped collars

This has become a standing joke for the old preppy look. They use it in movies all the time to convey “douche” (or for those that don’t understand the slang term, it is an annoyingly arrogant person that you would like to punch without even knowing them). So if the movies use it a cliché, do you really think that you can look cool doing it? Nobody will take you seriously, so just don’t. 

Muscle shirts

Yes, we know you spend hours at the gym and want to show off those muscles, but that is not the way to do it. You might love the look, and the bros at the gym might think it’s awesome, but are those really the people you are trying to impress? If you want to show off your muscles, wear a well-tailored shirt, or a t-shirt. Avoid the tight super t-shirt temptation and wear a well-fitting one. Your muscles will be seen and appreciated; you just don’t have to be obvious about it. 

Graphic tees

Unless you are still a kid, or just hanging with friends, its best to avoid wearing graphic t-shirts. We know they can be fun and you think they are cool, but again, who are you trying to look good for. A plain t-shirt trumps a graphic t-shirt any day for style. 


Unless you are trying to hide your face, hoodies are another fashion statement to avoid. Hoodies basically scream “don’t talk to me” so unless you want to be left alone forever, don’t wear them. 

Flashy sunglasses

We get it, flashy sunglasses look cool…not. You think they do, but they just make you look like a wannabe action star. For note? You don’t see action stars wearing them. Avoid the rainbow reflective shades. Just wear classic sunglasses that fit your face. If you want to score extra points, take them off when you talk to people. Keeping them on is rude and rude is clueless.

Bling anything

Too much jewelry, sparkly shirts, fake grill, whatever. You are not Mr. T and it doesn’t look cool. The more bling you wear the more clueless you look. Tone it down, a ring and one sedate necklace, that’s about it. Keep it classic and simple. Anything more than that and you are going to take away from the look unless the look you are going for is fool. 

Cargo shorts

We love them, but they have had their day. It is time to bury them. Look around and the only ones you will see wearing them are dads and granddads that don’t care. It is a style we are sad to see go, but unfortunately, that’s life. Ask any woman you know if you should wear cargo shorts, and tell us her answer if you can wait for her to stop laughing long enough for her to give you one.

Wrong sized clothes

This can get carried away. You can wear huge oversized baggy pants or a huge oversized shirt, and you will look like some kid wearing his dads’ clothes. You can also wear things that are too tight (see muscle shirt section) and all it’s going to look is bad. Get your clothes tailored. There is nothing better than having clothes that are fitted to your body type. If you are overweight, getting your clothes tailored will make you look so much better than wearing big baggy clothes to hide it. Big baggy clothes will just make you look fatter. 

Baseball caps backward

Do we have to explain this one? This went out of style a long time ago. The only time you ever see it anymore is on older guys that used to wear it that way years ago when it was in style and they were kids. Think of it like the nerd bowtie. Nobody wears them anymore. Nothing will make you look clueless faster than the reverse or sideways baseball cap. 

Anything that you think makes you look cool

Generally, a good rule of thumb is that anything you think makes you look “cool” is probably doing the opposite. If you think it makes you look nice? Then that’s probably ok. Most things that you think look cool, are figments of your imagination, and will only bring on that clueless status faster. Keep it all simple and classic. When in doubt, ask some stylish woman you know, they will have no problems telling you what they think. 

We don’t want you to look clueless, ok, maybe we do sometimes as we all need a good laugh, and it cuts down on the competition. Really though, let’s all make the world a better place and bring style back. There are so many things that can make you look bad or clueless that there are too many to list here. So our advice is to ask women you know what they think (assuming they don’t hate you), and if you think it makes you look super cool? Toss it fast. We hope this helps, and if not, we will all have a good chuckle. We wish you the best.