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Finally, a Subscription Box That Makes Perfect Sense

Image via Into the Gloss

While you wouldn't necessarily guess it, I went through a bit of a subscription box phase a year or two ago. Unlike many, my gateway box wasn't Birchbox, but instead the Fancy Food Box (now discontinued)...which let to Quarterly's Nina Garcia subscription, PopSugar and perhaps others...my memory is fuzzy and I'd like to keep it that way, considering how much I spent.

I learned (not as quickly as I might have liked) that while it's fun to open a box of surprises - it feels like a gift you've given yourself - you wind up with an awful lot of crap and clutter you don't need, and wouldn't have purchased, regardless of the "great value" a subscription box provides.  Start-up Lola, on the other hand, is all about utility, and for that reason, I find it pretty darn brilliant.

Tampons. We all need them (well, 50%+ of us need them), and when you run out, it's near disastrous. Lola lets you build-your-own box of 18 tampons choosing from Light, Regular or Super. The box is then delivered when you like. No more frantic drugstore runs required, hallelujah! Best of all, their tamps are 100 percent cotton that's natural and biodegradable. God knows what giant behomoths Kotex and Tampax are putting in their product; rest assured it's not natural.

Learn more about Lola and subscribe here!

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fitBallet, Reviewed

Deodorant was not the thing to forget in a fitBallet class, this I learned very quickly today. Don't let the name fool you - it lulled me to a safe place, evoking images of sweat-free spaces - plush barre studios and ModelFit-style lofts. Instead, fitBallet is a wildly challenging circuit training class that takes inspiration from the classic positions and the precise form of ballet. 

The hour-long workout itself focuses on full-body movements like burpees (hell), plies, squats and push ups. I knew I was in trouble when, already dripping in sweat and flush-faced (seriously, guys, I get so, so pink), my instructor Marc announced that the warm up was over and circuits to begin. While I found out later, in chatting with another student, that Marc is widely considered the toughest of fitBallet's team, I'm inclined to think that any class would be nearly as challenging. Most of the work is done on your feet or on the floor, with a particular focus on arms, abs, legs and obliques.

Frills free, the studio offers few comforts for big babies like me, accustomed to the plush spaces of overpriced fitness classes. At $32/class, I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't wished for an elevator or teleportation system to take me up to the 5th Floor, blasting AC and (sorry, y'all) cleaner floors. Fitballet is done barefoot, in slim fitting clothing that shows the body's lines. The studio, at the cusp of TriBeCa and Chinatown, offers mats or you're welcome to bring your own (I did). Whatever you do, don't forget a large bottle of water, or a towel. The men in my class literally had puddles beneath them.

To learn more or to book a class (new students pay just $20 and the studio is also on Classpass), visit fitBallet.org.

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