A few small things that can make a big difference to your summer holiday

As summer approaches, the idea of a getaway holiday (booked or planned out in every detail in your daydream) becomes more enticing by the second. There are a few items, often overlooked, that can make your holiday that little bit more comforting. Here’s a few examples, to help stir your memory during the packing process.

Firstly, when it comes to feet men’s or women’s sliders are a must. If you’re jetting off to a resort, they’re perfect for the poolside. If you are heading off to a beach holiday, they’re great for slipping in and out of to avoid sandy feet. If you’re further away from the water or sand, then slides are great for around the house too. They can be a great substitute for slippers, while still being acceptable footwear to go out for the day or night in. If you’re taking up space with a pair of flip flops each year in your luggage, think about making an upgrade this year.

Being well rested is usually the top of most people’s agendas when they go on holiday. No matter how in depth your research has been, you can’t guarantee where you are staying is going to offer the quiet needed for a good night’s sleep. Earplugs take up barely any space or weight and can make all the difference when it comes to getting rest. So, make sure you always have a pair tucked away somewhere when you go on holiday. If you are someone who can get woken by light easy, it might also be worthwhile packing a night mask as well, to give you that ultimate sensory deprivation.

If you are someone who doesn’t usually keep a personal diary, a holiday can still be a great time to bring a notebook. It can be great to remember fond details of your holiday; maybe in the form of tickets and other mementos, perhaps to sketch a landscape or two, or write a few thoughts down if the break has managed to inspire you. Of course, for many, books are a must when they go on holiday. If you’re in this category it can often be nice to start a new book for a holiday. It can always help to bring a backup, in case you don’t take to the intended book. To save on space it can be worth having your backup book/s on an e-reader of some kind.