Michael Volitich’s Tips on Sticking to Your Diet

If you are trying to lose some weight then you will no doubt have already discovered that this can be a little more difficult than you first imagined. In fact getting started with your diet is the hardest part of the entire process and the first few weeks are when you are going to find it most difficult. This was something which I went through last year and without the help of my good friend and fitness guru Michael Volitich, there is no way that I could have made it. I wanted to share with you some tips which Michael talked to me about when I embarked on my weight loss journey, hopefully they can help you out too.

One Week Plan

The reason why most people cheat on their diet is because they are not well prepared when it comes to buying and planning their meals for the week. Getting home from a long day to an empty fridge often results in a phone call to a local takeaway or restaurant, which is of course not we want. The best approach therefore is to spend the weekend planning your meals for the following week. Write out a menu and then shop accordingly, remember to include plenty of healthy snacks in your plan. When you prep this way you will ensure that there is always something to eat in the home.

Cheat and Re-Focus

There may be times throughout this process that you eat something which you shouldn’t or you break your diet, but it is vital that you get straight back on the horse. Some people cheat once and think that now they have broken the diet they can continue to do so. Should you continue to cheat then you will go backwards with your plan, so make sure that if it happens once, you don’t beat yourself up about it and you get right back on plan.


There are many days when you simply do not want to go to the gym, but these are the days when you must force yourself to go. Even if you don’t meet your expectations for a gym workout, in going you are maintaining the routine and you are making sure that you have at least done something. Remember that a poor workout is far, far better than a non-workout.

Talk of Shame

A great tip which I followed was to tell my nearest and dearest about my diet plan. The reason why this is such a good idea is because you are less likely to cheat when everyone knows that you should be living healthily. I call this positive peer pressure and it can really help you to stick to your healthy living goals. Another reason why this is important is because people will be less likely to offer you fatty foods or a night out, because they know that you are on a health kick.

Follow these tips, stay strong, and you will lose that weight in no time!