The Latest Wedding Trends Emerging in 2022

Weddings are among the most significant occasions in people’s lives. At this time, couples gather with their clergy, friends, and family to celebrate their love and commit to a lifelong union.

Unfortunately, the last few years have proven challenging for weddings. The COVID-19 pandemic caused many to be either postponed or reduced. Some weddings even occurred virtually in the earliest stages!

But now, in 2022, weddings are back and in full force. With this wedding trend come several options and styles that people incorporate in their celebrations.

If you’re one of the millions planning a 2022 wedding, you’re in luck! We’ll explore the current wedding trends and options in the guide below. Let’s jump right in!

Themed Weddings are a Leading Wedding Trend

Depending on the region, some places haven’t been able to have large weddings for close to two years. Now that things are opening back up and more people have been vaccinated, this has started to change.

People want to double down on big, celebratory weddings. As a result, they’ve often included more tradition and fun in the occasion.

One way that people have done this in recent months is through themed weddings. Sometimes these include the entire wedding, while others focus more on the reception.

These themes often have a wide range of possibilities. Some choose to have outdoor bonfire parties, often celebrated after a barn wedding.

Other wedding options include more black-tie, elegant evening-style choices. For example, some people love the look of a vintage Hollywood gala. Others may opt for a masquerade party.

Using Silver in Your Wedding Colors

Gold has long been the standard choice for color accents and touches. After all, a white and gold combination can provide immaculate and heavenly overtones. These are perfect touches for a wedding.

However, gold is not the only touch for the wedding market. Instead, silver has found its way into the limelight over previous months.

While gold provides a regal touch, silver offers a greater degree of old-world charm. Several colors also match with it to offer a cool, subdued atmosphere.

As a result, you can use silver for all sorts of wedding themes. It works for elegant evening attire or a more downplayed outdoor wedding.

Guests are Stressing Wedding Style

The rise of COVID-19 has restricted people’s ability to go out. Now that they have the freedom to do so, people often want to “go all out.” One result of this is that wedding style has really ramped up.

People now choose their best clothing for a wedding. Suits, tuxedos, and fashionable dresses have become commonplace at many post-lockdown weddings and receptions.

The love for style isn’t only for guests, either. Many couples enjoy participating in the festivities by donning the best clothing available.

As a result, many brides are choosing stylish and elegant wedding dresses for their special occasions. You can find several examples of these online and in stores to get ideas for your wedding dress!

Bringing Back Big Weddings

As we alluded to before, the COVID lockdowns forced many people to either reduce or postpone their weddings. Some have even had to reschedule their ceremony multiple times!

With all the limits placed on COVID weddings, people don’t want attendance limits anymore. Instead, they often choose to throw big parties with many guests!

As a result, many wedding venues have witnessed increasing guest counts. If you’re looking for a venue, consider your guest list first. As these places continue to book up, you’ll want to ensure you find a space that can hold your entire list!

Using Virtual Save-the-Dates

Many people are “virtualed out” after the incessant use of virtual meetings due to COVID. But, virtual technology can still provide many conveniences for weddings.

One example of this is using virtual save-the-date cards. Initially, these solutions developed as a response to COVID concerns. However, couples often found that virtual cards helped reduce their budget constraints.

When you use virtual save-the-date cards, you cut out several costs. These include the use of custom stationery, printing, mailing, etc.

In exchange, you receive access to benefits like opening more instant communication. Using online save-the-dates allows for quicker responses in case something changes with the wedding.

Many online services also allow real-time communication between guests and the couple. So, if guests have a question about the time, menu, or something else, they can quickly ask about their concerns.

Open Air Tents

People have mixed feelings about gathering in large crowds. Some people may have no problem with it. Others may be a little more concerned about COVID spikes and new variants.

So, how can you offer a middle ground for these groups? One solution is to meet in open-air tents without walls. These places allow people to gather together at comfortable distances outside.

Fortunately, these tents aren’t completely exposed. They still offer protection from the elements, making them excellent options for weather concerns.

However, even these tents have their limits. We recommend using them for spring and autumn weddings when temperatures are often milder. Meeting outdoors in the summer or winter could be challenging for people in wedding attire.

Bringing Back the Bars

In the pre-lockdown days, many people used satellite bars for their weddings. Now that the lockdowns have come to a close, people are excited to have a celebratory drink!

For many people, yours may be the first wedding they’ve attended in years. So, break out multiple and specialty bars if your budget allows it!

Start Planning Your Stylish Wedding Today

Remember, you’re under no obligation to follow every possible wedding trend. This is your day, so follow the ideas that work for your vision.

Regardless of what you choose, your wedding will be a time to remember. To get started with your planning, talk to a wedding venue today! Finding a space can help you narrow your options.

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