Why Remedial Massage is so Effective

Millions of people around the world each week hire a massage therapist to give them a massage. The majority of these massages are done in massage clinics and fall into the category of popular massage. These include Thai massage, Swedish massage and Japanese Shiatsu. The goal of these massage therapies is to relieve aching muscles, help with any minor lingering pain and help you relax and relieve stress. Each popular massage therapy can deliver these benefits to nearly any patient.

Massage has also come to the medical mainstream. Physical therapists and other licensed medical professionals now incorporate elements of massage in the therapies they use on patients. This type of massage is very different. It’s called remedial massage. If you have received an injury or physical ailment that involves your musculoskeletal system a remedial massage therapist or physical therapist could be ideal for you. The reasons are simple why remedial massage is so effective.

It was developed by Medical Professionals

The structure of remedial massage involves the physical therapist doing a full assessment of the patient. They will gain an understanding of the specific injuries, their extent, how they occurred, the current status of the patient, any specific additional physical ailments, and the goals for the patient from therapy. This approach singles out remedial massage from all other massage therapies. It also allows those who administer it to be much more effective and provide additional benefits to patients. One particular additional benefit that makes remedial massage so special is that it can be used to help a patient’s injuries heal.

It Focuses on Specific Injuries

At the core of remedial massage is its ability to focus on specific problems and provide relief. A physical therapist will try to understand exactly what the patient’s injuries are and then design a set of therapies that focus specifically on treating those injuries. Where other massage is focused on the entire body and overall well-being of the individual, remedial massage focuses directly on the injured problem area, and provides a clinical approach to healing, strengthening, and increasing your range of movement.

It Uses the Best Massage Therapies

One reason why remedial massage is so effective is because it mixes techniques from the different disciplines, to provide the best approach for patients. Each therapy provided is individual and custom-designed for that patient. For example some patients may require more time per massage, or others may need Japanese Shiatsu techniques included. The physical therapist will employ a massage therapy that will get the required results. This individual approach makes it much more effective than any single massage therapy.