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Harper's Bazaar Emojis are a Fashion Week Essential

For over-communicators like me, emojis add a necessary layer of expressiveness to text messaging. But, it's an understatement to say that the emoji library available within normal apps leaves a little something to be desired. Thankfully, it's Harper's BAZAAR to the rescue, with their new Fashion Emojis.

Available on the App Store, the download offers 36 Harper's BAZAAR Emojis and four exclusive Emojis created by French favorite Equipment (smart brand integration, yes? The marketer in me approves). My faves include the personalities - think Karl Lagerfeld, Bill Cunningham and Harper's BAZAAR Global Fashion Director Carine Roitfeld - as well as the "Statement Lip" and "Champs."  Download the app here, and as Madonna once said > express yourself!

NYFW Beauty Best: Jin Soon for Tess Giberson

Jin Soon is a quiet advocate (actually, she's not all that quiet about it, if we're being honest) of restrained nails, even for those of us who dabble in nail art. So, it's only fitting that yesterday, backstage at the Tess Giberson Fall/Winter 2014 presentation, she created the thoroughly modern French manicure seen above, using a forthcoming color from her collab with Giberson (a muted dark gray) and JinSoon Kookie White at the tips.  While I've long considered a French mani passe, this is an iteration I can get behind - what say you?

NYFW Beauty Best: Kérastase Paris for Creatures of the Wind

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has kicked off in New York, peeps, and in lieu of dragging myself up and down the city in snow, slush and cold, I'll be sharing just some select favorite looks from the shows.  First up, almost to be expected, is the cool braided 'do created by master stylist Odile Gilbert for Kérastase Paris at Creatures of the Wind today.

Odile is always one of my favorites - it's unusual that she creates a look that's not worth sharing, and this is no exception.

For a step by step on how to get the look, including products used, click through.

Style Meets Technology: Sony VAIO Tap 11

In the past year or so, I've been traveling what feels like incessantly for both business (boo) and pleasure (yay). And since I'm always "connected" (for better or worse), I'm often left torn between two lovers as I pack my carry on - laptop or tablet? The former is often too heavy, while that latter's functionality leaves quite a bit to be desired when it gets down to business. What's a girl to do?

Sony's new VAIO Tap 11 Tablet PC makes that Sophie's Choice-level decision a wee bit easier, successfully bridging the gap between work (think laptop-like functionality including a magnetic, wireless keyboard and a speedy, efficient Intel® Core™ processor) and play (it's more stylish and lighter than you can imagine - in fact, the Tap 11 is the slimmest Windows tablet on the market).

As a longtime iOs user, getting acclimated to Windows 8 did take some adjustment, I cannot tell a lie. It's also worth noting that as a lover of the Internet (cap required), I consider 4G Broadband access to be essentially a non-negotiable - regardless of how annoying it is to add to a data plan fee to the monthly ledger. But if those considerations aren't dealbreakers for you, you'll want to sneak a peek at the versatile Tap 11 (starting at under $700!) here.

p.s. AND for more of my picks on tech accessories (like the Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case above) follow my Fashion Meets Technology board on Pinterest!

City Row, Reviewed

As any regular readers know, I loooove to dabble in group fitness classes. Switching things up helps me stay interested in working out. So, after hearing a bit of buzz on City Row, I visited the newly opened studio yesterday for my first class. 

What I found was a single, spacious studio of custom WaterRower machines, accompanied by mats. The class - mine was led by Studio Director Annie Mulgrew - alternates between intense interval rowing and mat work, including arm-specific sections using light and medium free weights (given my wrist surgery last year, I used 3 and 5 pound weights, though 5 and 8 pound seemed to be the standard among women in the class). The result is a pretty sweaty full body, yet low impact cardio workout with a focus on three key areas - #LegsCoreArms.

The promised benefits of rowing are huge - apparently, it's is among the top 5 calorie burning workouts, with 400-600 calories lost in a single 50 minute class. Like my other favorite workouts - and unlike spinning, Soulcycle and Flywheel aficionados - rowing also promises toning without the bulk.

A day after my class, I'm feeling the repurcussions from City Row most in my arms, including triceps. Keep in mind, however, that I work my legs quite regularly (via barre and ballet) - if legs aren't a regular focus for you, I'd expect some serious soreness in the 24-48 hours following your first City Row class.

You'll want to wear standard, tight fitting workout gear, including sneakers to City Row - and drink plenty of water through the class and following!

City Row is located at 80 Fifth Ave (at 14th St.). Classes are $32, with packages available, including a $90/3 class special for new clients. For more information or to book, visit cityrow.com.


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