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Taunted by Chie Mihara's

Not quite my style but I love them anyway. How cute would these be with skinny jeans or dark tights and a mini dress?

Am I the ONLY One Who Watches 'The Fashionista Diaries'?

Uber publicist and demon-in-heels Mandie Erickson has me absolutely mesmerized, and no, not in a good way. I literally laughed out loud when I read this synopsis on Soap Net.com -

"If you don't have the look, you're out of luck… you're not even getting in the door. Partner/publicist Mandie Erickson is proud of their in-house "pretty policy" and she enjoys being the demanding diva in charge of enforcing it!"

Um, if they have an in-house 'pretty policy,' how does Mandie have a job? And I don't think her Madonna circa 'Lucky Star' video look above is doing her any favors, do you?

It's a Jungle Out There! How Do Editors Survive Fashion Week?

To fashion industry outsiders, Fashion Week is an unending parade of glamorous shows, must-attend events and of course, fabulous parties. But fashion’s real insiders, namely buyers and editors, know the truth. Behind Fashion Week’s glorious façade is a tangled schedule and long days of jetting uptown and downtown, with little time to eat, drink or relax - much less write stories and meet deadlines. Thankfully, editors have tricks up their sleeves to stay efficient, focused, nourished and yes, beautiful.

Keeping a healthy level of energy is key for editors on the move. Tracy Taylor, fashion director of Marie Claire, has a full arsenal of energy accoutrements to keep her going. This industry veteran swears by E-Z Multi-Vitamin Powder, which can be mixed into any beverage to provide a boost of essential, Emergen-C Super Energy Boosters and energy drink Pro Endorphin. Taylor says “If I'm not taking all of my vitamins, I want to drink more coffee, which wears off quickly.”

Other editors take the old-fashioned approach – sugar, champagne and caffeine. Noria Morales, associate fashion editor at shopping magazine Lucky admits that a mid-day snack of iced coffee, pretzels and M+M’s helps get her through busy Fashion Week days. She says that while “it’s probably not the most healthy thing I could do, I drink so much water during the day it all balances out.” In Style National Correspondent Katrina Szish says that the champagne lounge found at the tents is a savior, along with 100-calorie snack packs, raw cashews and mints. “Otherwise I run to the Pax deli on 40th and 6th and load up on fruit and Sugar Free Red Bull, “she adds.

Of course, fashion is a job that’s all about appearances and regardless of the rigorous schedule, editors always want to look their best. Morales keeps a Kiehl’s or Caudalie hand cream, eye drops, and Carmex lip balm in her bag and insists, “I can't say enough good things about getting your beauty sleep.” Celeste Brown-Wright, Fitness senior fashion editor, credits the Sephora eyelash curler with making eyes look more awake and alive, despite lack of rest while Taylor swears by YSL’s Touché Éclat, a highlighter pen that reflects light and hides imperfections.

Lesley Scott, editor in chief of FashionTribes.com has perhaps the best trick of all. “The #1 beauty secret during Fashion Week is a pair of glamorous sunglasses to hide dark circles & other sins – not to mention a comfy pair of shoes. Waiting for shows to start and running from place to place in stilettos may sound glamorous but it's excruciating...not a sexy look!”

**This story was slated to run in the New York Sun on Monday and was cut for space. So sad**

Sergio Davila Fashion Show Spring 2008

Is Tom Ford Kidding Me?

This brings new meaning to 'lowest common denominator.'


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