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Am I the ONLY One Who Watches 'The Fashionista Diaries'?

Uber publicist and demon-in-heels Mandie Erickson has me absolutely mesmerized, and no, not in a good way. I literally laughed out loud when I read this synopsis on Soap Net.com -

"If you don't have the look, you're out of luck… you're not even getting in the door. Partner/publicist Mandie Erickson is proud of their in-house "pretty policy" and she enjoys being the demanding diva in charge of enforcing it!"

Um, if they have an in-house 'pretty policy,' how does Mandie have a job? And I don't think her Madonna circa 'Lucky Star' video look above is doing her any favors, do you?

It's a Jungle Out There! How Do Editors Survive Fashion Week?

To fashion industry outsiders, Fashion Week is an unending parade of glamorous shows, must-attend events and of course, fabulous parties. But fashion’s real insiders, namely buyers and editors, know the truth. Behind Fashion Week’s glorious façade is a tangled schedule and long days of jetting uptown and downtown, with little time to eat, drink or relax - much less write stories and meet deadlines. Thankfully, editors have tricks up their sleeves to stay efficient, focused, nourished and yes, beautiful.

Keeping a healthy level of energy is key for editors on the move. Tracy Taylor, fashion director of Marie Claire, has a full arsenal of energy accoutrements to keep her going. This industry veteran swears by E-Z Multi-Vitamin Powder, which can be mixed into any beverage to provide a boost of essential, Emergen-C Super Energy Boosters and energy drink Pro Endorphin. Taylor says “If I'm not taking all of my vitamins, I want to drink more coffee, which wears off quickly.”

Other editors take the old-fashioned approach – sugar, champagne and caffeine. Noria Morales, associate fashion editor at shopping magazine Lucky admits that a mid-day snack of iced coffee, pretzels and M+M’s helps get her through busy Fashion Week days. She says that while “it’s probably not the most healthy thing I could do, I drink so much water during the day it all balances out.” In Style National Correspondent Katrina Szish says that the champagne lounge found at the tents is a savior, along with 100-calorie snack packs, raw cashews and mints. “Otherwise I run to the Pax deli on 40th and 6th and load up on fruit and Sugar Free Red Bull, “she adds.

Of course, fashion is a job that’s all about appearances and regardless of the rigorous schedule, editors always want to look their best. Morales keeps a Kiehl’s or Caudalie hand cream, eye drops, and Carmex lip balm in her bag and insists, “I can't say enough good things about getting your beauty sleep.” Celeste Brown-Wright, Fitness senior fashion editor, credits the Sephora eyelash curler with making eyes look more awake and alive, despite lack of rest while Taylor swears by YSL’s Touché Éclat, a highlighter pen that reflects light and hides imperfections.

Lesley Scott, editor in chief of FashionTribes.com has perhaps the best trick of all. “The #1 beauty secret during Fashion Week is a pair of glamorous sunglasses to hide dark circles & other sins – not to mention a comfy pair of shoes. Waiting for shows to start and running from place to place in stilettos may sound glamorous but it's excruciating...not a sexy look!”

**This story was slated to run in the New York Sun on Monday and was cut for space. So sad**

Sergio Davila Fashion Show Spring 2008

Is Tom Ford Kidding Me?

This brings new meaning to 'lowest common denominator.'

Is Glenda Bailey Ab Fab?

Could it be true? Mediabistro's article on Harper's Bazaareditor-in-chief Glenda Bailey says that the former punk rocker, now fashionista was among the inspirations for Brit hit series Absolutely Fabulous. Could it be true? If so, this instantly elevates her in my eyes.


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